Without A Mic Podcast

The Purpose

The purpose of this was to see how much I could innovate in the creative space with a podcast. I had done a few episodes but I wanted to be great at producing content and making it engaging for the audience while also perfecting my own craft and ability to do so.

The Project

Last year, in 2021, my friend Spencer and I decided to start a podcast covering movie and tv reviews as well as covering life topics such as success, opportunity, work-life balance, etc. We made 2 episodes and then didn’t go back.

Fast forward to 6 months later, we decided to pick it up again and actually commit. I began the communication practicum class in January and at that time we committed to doing a podcast every other week, which turned into 3 episodes a month, which turned into a weekly episode. Spencer has since started a TikTok doing movie updates and content and we have expanded the show and are publishing our 17th episode this week. The project was to do at least one episode a month, which we more than exceeded, and receive feedback from my mentor. My mentor was Andrea Renee who is a TV and online personality and freelancer with years of experience in the news and video game/tv industry. We planned our two main episodes: one on the Harry Potter anniversary special on HBO Max and one on The Batman and began.


The biggest challenges were all things that happened at different points that I learned from progressively. Our first issue that we ran into was using Zoom to record the podcasts. After doing some research I quickly discovered that Zoom was a bad tool for podcast recording. I went online and spent a few hours looking into podcasting tools and finally settled on Riverside.fm. Riverside is an amazing tool and I subscribed to their platform. The main things that appealed to me about Riverside were 1) riverside records video and audio of each person in the show locally and then uploads those files to the cloud, 2) Riverside includes a toolkit that enables producer-level control over the guest experience, recording experience, and show, and 3) Riverside makes having guests simple and professional through an actual digital recording studio with a waiting room and ease of access. After switching to Riverside I eliminated bad audio, lagging internet speeds, and gimmicky platform interaction.

The second challenge was getting into editing (which I am still very much a beginner at) but I will say I was extremely proud of the intro to The Batman review episode in which I recorded myself and then edited some ominous music and rain into while I recited the opening lines of the movie as an intro to that episode. It is still a work in progress but I have developed with the short time I have been working on it.

Project Process

Our process got nailed down pretty quickly. We recorded every Monday night so that I could do the editing Tuesday and publish Wednesday morning using Anchor.fm. Anchor is a site that automatically distributes the podcast to multiple platforms and includes statistics and tools for tracking and managing the show.

Overview of the Experience

I loved this and have a passion for creating and engaging in things that put my outside of my comfort zone. I did a lot of research and learned a lot about Instagram through our Instagram page, podcasting tips and techniques, platforms, and feedback from my mentor making recommendations for improvements.

The great thing about podcasting is that anyone can do it for relatively cheap and there is room to do it about whatever you like. Ultimately the podcast is more for me than it is anyone else because it is a way for me to grow and express my passion.


Do something you love.

We have so many things in life that we do because we have to, but how many fulfilling things do we do because we love to? My co-host and I love movies and tv and we enjoy watching them and then talking about them. I look forward to the podcast each week from recording to publishing because it is something I am passionate about.

Whatever that thing is that you’ve been thinking about doing or trying or experiencing, do it and keep pushing yourself to experience things in life that will propel you forward to live a happier and more fulfilled life.