Vector Art Report

These past few months, I have working on refining my graphic design skills in Adobe Illustrator by creating two stickers, a poster, and social media designs. To help me conquer all that I set out to do, I found a mentor and other artists online to follow throughout this process. 

Some of the challenges I faced while working on these projects were: feeling uninspired, feeling inadequate, and maintaining a proper/organized schedule. I tend to get inside my head a lot, which can affect my confidence and, therefore, my work. I have had to overcome my insecurities and stop comparing my work to other artists. I also needed to be better at my time management. I need to spread my workload throughout the week instead of spending four to five hours at the end of the week. 

My process for completing a design roughly follows these steps:

  1. Gather client’s requirements and requests
  2. Brainstorm and meditate about ideas
  3. Explore unrelated vector art
  4. Create sketches
  5. Rough drafts
  6. Mentor and client critique
  7. Final Draft

I have had a great time focusing my efforts on becoming a better digital artist. One of my favorite feelings, when I am working on a new project, is when I can finally see the outcome I was expecting, and I am proud of what I accomplished. When I open Adobe Illustrator it is like stepping into a time machine. Before I know it two, or three hours have flown by, and the past few months are no exception. 

Some of the greatest insights I will take away from this experience are knowing I am capable, do not give up, and knowing that I am my biggest obstacle. I cannot allow my fears, doubts, and criticisms to stop me from creating vector art. I will continue to practice my abilities to grow even more as a graphic designer. 

Vector Art Presentation