Window Displays


Recently I have developed a new interest in visual communication.  This isn’t just accomplished through PowerPoints and videos.  It also involves color, shape, texture, and balance.  I worked with a women’s contemporary clothing store in Utah to help bring all these components to their visual window displays.  I have done so by creating unique pieces that have captivated shoppers outside to come inside.  They displays aren’t centered around art, but rather the target audience.  My goal was to strengthen the store’s visual communication by engaging their audience with two and three-dimensional typography, graphic designs, and signs, all of which I’ve learned during my pursuit of a Bachelor’s in Communication.   

The Project:

The clothing store has recently expanded to four locations across Utah.  Part of their huge success is attributed to thoughtful design and craft innovative ways they’ve been able to intrigue their customers, distinguishing themselves from their competitors.  Working with my mentors has given me hands on experience by creating an engaging store through display applications that help the customer appreciate diversity, discovery, and authenticity.


This whole idea of creating fun, colorful, dimensional window displays was also a challenge in the sense of learning new techniques.  Several hours were put into using a jigsaw and cutting out shapes to resemble the stamen and pedal of a flower.  While it was a wonderful new still to have, it definitely took up time.  

The Process:

Each week involved a new project and process.  With the help of my expert mentors, we worked specifically on two store locations.  Each consisted of flower installations for the upcoming season.  I spent time cutting out shapes of the flower with a jigsaw, then sanding and painting them.  I also worked on creating visual abstract mannequins by mod podging fabric onto a blank mannequin.  Instead of just the body form of a mannequin, I created something fresh and unique for the customers to look at.  This way when the mannequin is dressed, there is still revealing fabric that is fun and bright and attracts you to the clothes.  And when the mannequin is undressed, there is still art and design throughout the store.  


I’m excited to have received behind the scenes experience from a very successful company that focuses on customer engagement.  It was educating working with a creative team that allowed me to build my artistic outlook.  I learned how to work on strict deadlines.  I learned to communicate through objects and installations.  I learned to work with a team.  I learned to create meaningful connections in a professional field.  I learned to deal with conflict.  My goal was to strengthen the clothing store’s visual communication which simultaneously helped further develop and master my personal communication skills.