Hailey Brown-Guide to Adobe Software

I have always had a special love for photography and have wanted to expand my knowledge in this area. As I have been taking classes, I have slowly gained a love for the Adobe software. Learning this software and several different apps is no easy feat and for a while I didn’t like Adobe. Now, I feel like Adobe software is the perfect space to create art and really perfect things. I used the Adobe software and created presets for my pictures. In order to truly showcase my presets, I took photos in many different locations and at different times of the day. I also created presets for portrait photos and took family photos for a cute family and edited them. Lastly, my favorite project was probably taking senior pictures and using my presets on them. It was very time consuming to create presets, take scenery pictures and then also family and senior pictures and edit all of the pictures.

These are a few of the senior pictures that I edited and then I put them into a senior card.

Here are a few of my pictures that show off my presets. I am so proud of these presets and all the work I have put into photography. The world is really so beautiful and so fun to photograph.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vntUKIddYC0