Ellison Perkins- Mental Health Awareness Seminar

Ellison Perkins

Strategic Organization Emphasis

I put together a workshop about mental health awareness. I focused mostly on the topics of depression and anxiety. My goal was to spread awareness and help try and break the stigma regarding mental health. I was able to create custom smiley face stickers to hand out to those who attended as a small reminder that you are not alone.

I have always been extremely passionate about mental health. So many of us struggle with our mental health and not know where to turn. I wanted to help educate the local community and make everyone, especially the college students aware of their resources. I put together a workshop class and invited the students of Rexburg and other community members to come and attend a class about mental health. I spent months doing research and learning about mental health and learning about the rates of depression here on campus. As the event got closer, I felt like I needed to create some sort of reminder to give to others that they are not alone. I created stickers for laptops and water bottles. I worked on this design for a few weeks, changing the little details, just to make sure it was right. I passed these stickers out to people in passing and brought them to local businesses along with a small explanation of what the sticker represented. I worked with the local therapy center and got to know a little bit more about what they do. I put together a small pamphlet that listed counselors in Rexburg. Too many of us struggle with depression and anxiety and do not know where to start to get help. This event was able to give that first step to anyone who is struggling. When we know what our resources are, we are better able to seek help. I know that the Lord watches and blesses each one of us and that he will never give us a burden too heavy to carry.