AirQwest Heating & Air Conditioning Website

By: Sariah Bock Report I am working to enter into the advertisement world and since I am working to go to that field I wanted to gain more experience and knowledge I had no idea in. I wanted to create a website for a local heating and air conditioning business. They had a website butContinue reading “AirQwest Heating & Air Conditioning Website”

Summit Tile-Laurel Albrecht

The Project’s Purpose: Summit Tile is a commercial and residential tile installation company based out of Utah. They recently took control of another tile company name and are going through the process of rebranding.  I have helped them by creating a logo, business cards, T-shirts for their workers and a Facebook work page.  Since they are aContinue reading “Summit Tile-Laurel Albrecht”

Darren Chngh – Get Fit and Healthy 4 Life

To increase my knowledge of the field of Communication. I was able to create a blog this semester about fitness, meal prep, and exercises. I made an Instagram account (keepfit_w_dc) to post updates I was creating. I have to learn new skills for this project because I have never create or done something like thisContinue reading “Darren Chngh – Get Fit and Healthy 4 Life”

Dustin Kirkham – Harnessing Contrast – Leadership Podcast

Emphasis – Strategic Organizational Communication Have you ever held a leadership role? If you have, it’s likely that your superiors at the time made it quite clear what metrics your team needed to hit in order to be deemed valuable and successful. There was likely many discussions and meetings about how these metrics could beContinue reading “Dustin Kirkham – Harnessing Contrast – Leadership Podcast”

Emmanuel Jefferies – Valley Fleet Carpooling Website and Promo

Video Production Emphasis Project Summary I started a carpooling platform via to address the issues regarding scammers and ratings commonly faced on social media ride-share groups. My project included conducting surveys, constructing the website, and producing a promo for the business. The minimal accomplishment desired by the deadline included having at least one videoContinue reading “Emmanuel Jefferies – Valley Fleet Carpooling Website and Promo”

Brooklyn Morrill – Brooklyn Studios | Digital Media Creations for Small Businesses

Strategic Organizational Communication Brooklyn Studios Project Overview Throughout college, I worked for a successful and highly professional business management company that managed multiple businesses and gave me a vast array of experiences. I was given the opportunity to put my well-developed design skills to use and create professional materials for a variety of industries rangingContinue reading “Brooklyn Morrill – Brooklyn Studios | Digital Media Creations for Small Businesses”

Ashley West – PR Campaign: Branding Handy Optimal

Public Relations About the project Handy Optimal is a small marketing agency based in Rexburg, Idaho. Its owner, Lucas Handy, worked at Madison Memorial Hospital for over ten years doing marketing and web development before he decided it was time for a change — so he started his own business. Lucas is currently a one-manContinue reading “Ashley West – PR Campaign: Branding Handy Optimal”