Brooklyn Morrill – Brooklyn Studios | Digital Media Creations for Small Businesses

Strategic Organizational Communication Brooklyn Studios Project Overview Throughout college, I worked for a successful and highly professional business management company that managed multiple businesses and gave me a vast array of experiences. I was given the opportunity to put my well-developed design skills to use and create professional materials for a variety of industries rangingContinue reading “Brooklyn Morrill – Brooklyn Studios | Digital Media Creations for Small Businesses”

Rossy Galo – Crafts With Love Re-branding & Social Media Campaign

Digital and Social Media Project Summary Crafts With Love is a small business that makes customized home and nursery d├ęcor made of wood. The brand participates in local markets in Utah and Texas. The owner also sells the products online. I met with the owner to talk about her expectations and what were the biggestContinue reading “Rossy Galo – Crafts With Love Re-branding & Social Media Campaign”

Laurynn Allen- Community Conversation

Laurynn Allen Strategic Organization Community conversations are a way for those in the community to come together and talk about the issues of the chosen topics, in this case, the topics consist of overdose resources, suicide prevention, and grief support. Often those in the community are unaware of all the resources and organizations that canContinue reading “Laurynn Allen- Community Conversation”

Noah Bozue – A Perfect Resolution

Project Summary I worked alongside the newly formed Resolution Teams at SafeStreets USA, the largest authorized provider for ADT, to redesign the customer retention training and policies. Worked with over a dozen vendors of ADT security across all 50 States and Canada to gather information on the reasons why customers cancel or choose to goContinue reading “Noah Bozue – A Perfect Resolution”

Ellison Perkins- Mental Health Awareness Seminar

Ellison Perkins Strategic Organization Emphasis I put together a workshop about mental health awareness. I focused mostly on the topics of depression and anxiety. My goal was to spread awareness and help try and break the stigma regarding mental health. I was able to create custom smiley face stickers to hand out to those whoContinue reading “Ellison Perkins- Mental Health Awareness Seminar”

Faith Bellum – FaithMadeArt

FaithMadeArt is an Instagram page dedicated to my personal artwork and prints. This project is intended to showcase this page through creation of content and consistent interaction with the Instagram page. One of the most challenging aspects of online content creation is mastering the skill of delivering what the audience wants. FaithMadeArt is aimed toContinue reading “Faith Bellum – FaithMadeArt”

Ruth Bushman – Rein In Conflict

Strategic Organization Communication – Video Production – IO Psychology Conflict can be a daily battle. So, let’s not run from it, but learn from it. Principles of leadership, if recalled, implemented, cultivated and shared will give strength and courage to all. I created a consulting website to demonstrate the services that I have to helpContinue reading “Ruth Bushman – Rein In Conflict”

Sydney Christensen- Shiny As a Penny: Business Launch Plan

Public Relations Project Summary: I will be launching a home organization business early this fall and decided to create a marketing plan for the business launch. The main goal in creating this plan was to create content and ideas that will help attract and engage the audience as the business is launched. As a specialistContinue reading “Sydney Christensen- Shiny As a Penny: Business Launch Plan”