Shannon Jacinto – Breast Cancer Fashion With a Passion

Emphasis: Public Relations

Project Overview

For my senior project, I worked with the amazing Taylor Seghetti, who is currently working on building her own clothing company, Flatter Me Wear.

Flatter Me Wear tailors clothing to women who’ve had mastectomies (a way of treating breast cancer by removing the entire breast through surgery).

Taylor came up with the business idea about a year ago when her mom was, unfortunately, diagnosed with breast cancer. After her mom received a mastectomy, she noticed fashion companies that tailor to women who’ve had mastectomies don’t offer a lot of clothing options, and Taylor strongly believes that breast cancer patients should be able to feel confident and feminine in what they wear after experiencing many physical changes.

When I first met Taylor, she had her business idea, Instagram, and TikTok account — but that was it. With that said, a lot of the work I did for her was back-end research. Using my PR skills, I wanted to help her establish a solid foundation as she figures out the logistics of running a business.

The following are specific things I did for Taylor:

First, I started by creating a style guide to help her establish a strong brand image both online and IRL.

Since Taylor is trying to reach a niche audience, I conducted competitor research to learn more about the market, what’s missing, and what her target audience needs.

I then created a two-month content calendar to help Taylor maintain a consistent posting schedule. Since she doesn’t have products to show and sell yet, I focussed on creating informative and educational content about breast cancer. I created 14 Instagram posts and six TikTok videos in total. In addition, we are working on creating a video series sharing the stories of incredible women who have fought or are still fighting breast cancer. Currently, our main goal with social media is to build brand awareness and establish an audience.

Taylor also wanted to explore email marketing. So I asked her to type out the content of her first newsletter. I then went in to edit the text and format it into a well-designed newsletter.

On top of that, I created a document with a list of software/applications that Taylor can use for different things – content creation, ad management, email marketing, organization, etc.

Because my emphasis is in public relations, the most important document I created for Taylor was the media kit. It includes a cover page, press release, and a condensed version of the style guide.


My experience working with Taylor has been nothing but incredible.

My aunt, whom I grew up really close to, passed away from breast cancer a few months ago. Being so far away from family and not being able to attend the funeral has made the healing process extremely difficult, which is why I feel so blessed to have had the chance to meet Taylor and help her build her business for breast cancer fighters and survivors.

I am excited to see where Taylor’s business takes her and the many women she will help.

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