Project Report


For this project I wanted to incorporate something I have a large passion for. I wanted to do something based around marriage and other relationships to be able to help myself be better prepared for the future with my own clinical practice but also to be able to help others in anyway I could before getting there. The objective of this podcast was to broadcast and highlight the ups and downs, ins and outs, and just all the things that make marriage and other committed relationships worth it.


You can find this project only on Spotify for right now under The Pink House Podcast or by clicking the link: We hope to continue to grow on be on other platforms in the future.


This project seemed easy when initially taking it on, however, I soon found out there was a lot when it came to starting and running a podcast. The biggest constraint was time. It was hard enough to find enough time in the week to sit down, record an episode, edit it, and post it. That doesn’t account for all the prep time of coming up with episode ideas, writing out scripts or outlines, and other parts of the process. Other than time, with the resources available online the rest of the process was fairly simple, it was just a matter od doing it.


The process for this project took on many different. For some episode ideas it was my wife and I trying to come up with something and brainstorming ideas. It was then a lot of back and fort ironing out ideas and a flow of the episode. Other times, inspiration would hit and completely take over. I would then be able to just write a few pages worth of material and then it was so easy to iron out the episode. Once this outline was done we would sit down to record. Once the recording was finished we would then edit the episode making cuts and removing other bits of audio. This also included adding some music before and after.


My experience with this project was awesome. I was able to learn a lot about social media and other types of marketing as I pursued this endeavor. I was able to start something new that was completely my own and this helped me to understand more about what goes into media types like this.


Accomplishing this project helped me to gain a lot of new insights as far as what goes into a project like this, however, I was also able to learn a lot about myself personally. I was able to improve in some areas of my work ethic and my organizational skills. This project has definitely helped shape my understanding of media and allowed me to develop a passion for wanting to put good content out there since so much of what is on social media isn’t necessarily ideal to the bettering of families or individuals.