Mattys Sports Desk Blog

The purpose for me creating this sports blog was to develop my skills and research methods as a future sports reporter. I wanted to gain confidence in my abilities and hopefully reach a point where I feel more comfortable with sharing my opinions and takes on important sports stories that I believe are happening at this time, It takes a lot for a person to share writing on any sort of blog from beauty,health, fashion, travel all are topics that people write about but all are areas like sports where people can disagree or tell your opinion to shreds. This blog for me is something I feel confident in. Although some people may not agree with everything I have to say in my writing its something I am proud of and feel I can share with people on the internet or other social media sites. This blog gave me good insight into what it will take to hopefully beconme a full time sports reporter or blogger.

The experience I had creating this blog really was fun. I spend a lot of my free time watching, listening and reading about sports. I figured that If I was spending so much time doing those things already that I might as well explore avenues if which I can have my thoughts be shared. My friends and family will often have lengthy sports discussions about certain topics, players that frustrate us, trades we would like to see etc. I wanted to take those discussions and arguments and turn them into a form of writing that I can share with the public. I again know that its something that not everyone cares about, and that its just one persons opinion but I have a passion and I want that passion to be shared with as many people as possible.

Sample of my writing about FIFA & World Cup 2026

Much of my time creating this blog was spent watching sports, researching and finding compelling things that I could write about. I would spend five to seven hours a week or more working on this blog, and finding ways that I can captivate a sports audience with my writing. I would then spend time brainstorming ideas in my head that would be good to write about. I had to pick and choose things that I could create a story or go in depth on. There is so much going on in sports that its hard to pick just a few but you work with what you have and roll with it.

Im originally from Denver, Colorado I grew up there and I a huge fan of all the teams and sports scene in Denver . In creating this blog I first started with a national perspective and writing about things in sports all over the country. After some time and consideration I decided it would be best to really just follow my passion and write about Denver sports. Its something that I know a lot about, it’s clearly something that I have a passion for. After making that transition I found it more enjoyable to work on this blog. I want spending as much time scrambling for national stories but I was able to better focus on the niche area of Denver sports and I believe my writing shows I was able to stay more focused.

A common problem I faced was just making sure this blog stay relevant. I didn’t want it to be boring or just be boring sports stories. I wanted my blog to focus on the here and now. Once I transitioned over to Denver sports writing that really helped as well. I was able to find relevant stories that were happening in the week I was writing. People who would come across my blog would appreciate that I was sharing stories or opinions of things that were going on in Denver. It took me a while to feel comfortable writing, that was a big hurdle for me to clears well. I am just an amateur with a passion for sports and don’t claim this as my profession. I used to think that only those big dogs from ESPN or Fox could be the ones who could write and share stories about sports. This blog has really helped me think otherwise and has helped me develop confidence in my writing and overall approach to life.

Overall this whole process has really been unforgettable for me. I have developed more in may writing these last few months, then I ever thought possible. I have been able to build connections and develop a network of trusted people who have helped me along the way. I have a passion for sports and writing so Im grateful for everyone along the way that has helped me realize my potential. I have developed more confidence, and my passion for sports has only increased in doing this blog. I hope to continue to grow and develop this blog into something special one day. I know I can do it with hard work and determination to be the best.