Becoming a Speech Pathologist

I feel my purpose is to help people gain their confidence through teaching them how to communicate more clearly. I have seen lives change through the help of speech therapy and I want to be apart of this change. I wanted to keep things simple. My website is meant to be read by anyone who is looking into speech therapy but has no idea what they will be getting into. I tried to answer all of the questions that I had when I started on my path as well as give my own experiences during shadowing and talking to real speech therapist. I even thought about calling my website Speech Pathology for Dummies, but later decided against it for obvious reasons. However, I wanted my site to be so simple anyone could understand it. I avoided flashy texts because having a cool site with graphics was not my intention, however being clear and open was.

I wanted to answer some basic questions that most people will have as they first start thinking about speech therapy. I made these bigger topics tabs on my site so hopefully they are easy to find answers to them.

One of my biggest challenges was using technology. I am more accustom to studying biology and hand making flashcards to study with. During my time in college I had, until this point, not needed to take any classes that challenged me to use a computer as my only way of being in the class. Quite honestly uploading my photos and video onto this site was out of my comfort zone. Shadowing at the clinic and helping patients was a wonderful experience and was easily my favorite part.

I spent a majority of my time at the clinic with patients and learning how speech therapist will handle a tricky situation, which happens often with younger kids. For my website I thought of the things I would have liked to know before deciding on speech therapy, such as which major and classes are the best, and what to do if you do not have communication disorders as your undergrad. I tried to keep the site simple and easily understandable.

Making this website has been such a great experience for me to stretch myself and step out of my comfort zone. First, just by making a website that I thought would not be that useful for anyone besides myself. However, through this project I have been able to answer the questions of my peers who have had questions about this field of work. I was not expecting to make any difference but shadowing has made me solidify my future plans and goals.

Thank you for taking your time to view my website. Here is a quick video to introduce the webpage I have been working on as well as a little introduction as to who I am.