Brand Kit for Masonry Company

Working with Pacific Shores Masonry has been an absolute pleasure to compile a potential new brand kit for them as they try to expand their audience. Rebranding can be intimidating and when it feels as though you cannot come up with the ideas yourself, outsourcing is often the best solution. I am honored that I was trusted with creating several samples and ideas for the company the past several weeks and eventually landed on a great new direction.

Pacific Shores Masonry was looking to rebrand and appeal to a refreshed group of builders in the Southern California area. Bidding is competitive and while PSM has a longstanding reputation, they knew their advertising and marketing efforts could be improved upon. Working alongside a mentor I was able to meet several times with the VP of the company to compile the needs of the company in terms of a complete Brand Kit. Color schemes, fonts, business cards, invoices, and logos were the main goal, however they hope to launch their rebrand this upcoming fall.

Current Logo

Whilst working with the team I was intimidated to create a new look for a company that had been familiar to locals for 30-years. I knew that certain elements needed to contribute to the nostalgic factor, however they were rebranding for a reason and my new vision could benefit them as I have experience with current and upcoming trends in marketing, as well as an eye for detail.

I worked an average of about 4-5 hours a week first generating the correct color palette, then revising based on potential uniform swatches, and

moved on to logo and font selection.

Color Pallete

The company’s coastal roots are imperative to their values and needed to be incorporated. I ended with a selection of 4 logos for the company to pick their favorite pieces from and eventually I pieced them into one.

Final Logo Inspiration

From there I used these things to create sample items for them to choose whether they wanted to pursue or not in a future rebrand. (Samples pictured below). I wanted to create things that they knew they could use straight from me if they needed to. I had access to photo databases and pulled photography from there in order to create professional material ready to print.

Sample Invoice
Company Brochure
Business Card Template

Ultimately I am so happy that amongst a sea of redesigns and what felt like endless revisions, we ended with a product the client is happy with. They now have a complete brand kit to base stationary, supplies, uniforms, and social media off of. I am immensely grateful to work for such a reputable brand and learn from their previous graphic designer and my mentor.

Final Brand Kit