Blog Project: Unpopular Opinions

Write Up

At the beginning of the semester, I did not know what I wanted to do for my project. I decided to combine two of my strengths, writing and sports, into one. The purpose of the project I chose was to get people talking about sports and sharing their opinions. I always think it is fun to debate with others about their views on topics in sports.

I wrote about topics in multiple sports including, basketball, football and golf. Every article that I wrote is available below. I wrote on topics such as Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant and sports broadcasters.

I loved the process of writing these articles. From coming up with the topic, to researching, to writing the article, I had a blast. It was one of the more enjoyable projects that I have done in my college career.

I have learned many things from this experience. Specifically, I have learned how to use writing etiquette while also letting loose and having a little fun with it. One takeaway that I have is to do more research and include more information. If I were to continue doing this, those would be my two takeaways.

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