Interviewing Young Adults About Social Questions

By: Rebecca Clair

Purpose and Objectives


I chose to interview people about social questions to help raise social awareness for myself and others. Asking people for their thoughts on questions about listening, communicating, and conflict was a good way to teach both them and me about how to be a better communicator.


The main objective was to get people thinking about questions that will get them focused on other people and help them realize their position socially with others. The objective was the have conversations to teach both sides about how to be more socially aware.

This is what the post covers looked like. I made four videos total with a different interview question for each one. I also filmed in a few different locations so that I could interview a variety of people.

Challenges Encountered

In order to make the videos and interview people, I had to get out of my shell and talk to a lot of people I didn’t know. This was difficult for me. However, as I talked to more people, I got more comfortable with it.

I also encountered some challenges with making the videos because my skills are not yet developed with video making. I tried a few different apps, and I got more skilled as I continued to make the videos.

Project Process (Before & After)

At first, I made a very generic page and I wasn’t sure how to make it better, but I decided to include people in the profile picture and changed the bio. I also started following people instead of waiting for them to follow me.

After I changed up what I was doing, I got new ideas, like creating story highlights, and overall, the page improved a lot over the weeks that I was working on it.

Overview of my Experience

I talked to young adults in a variety of settings. I interviewed people from the food court, at their apartments, and outside. It was a growing experience because I was able to learn more about how I communicate with others. Talking to others helped me to recognize ways that I can improve and change. Making the videos and going through the footage gave me time to reflect on if I’m a good listener, if I handle conflict in a constructive way, and if I’m a good teammate. It was a good experience overall.

Insights and Takeaways

I learned that communication really is key. As I talked to others, I realized how much I focus on myself. Thinking about myself takes away from my ability to communicate effectively. We definitely should remember our limits and our needs, but we also need to consider the needs of others. Being socially aware involves seeing people deeply and being able to uplift each other through the way we communicate. Conflict in all relationships is normal. It allows both people to learn and grow through overcoming the roadblocks that they are presented. Being a good team involves the ability to take constructive criticism and make changes. Willingness to change is key to communicating properly with others.