Darren Chngh – Get Fit and Healthy 4 Life

To increase my knowledge of the field of Communication. I was able to create a blog this semester about fitness, meal prep, and exercises. I made an Instagram account (keepfit_w_dc) to post updates I was creating. I have to learn new skills for this project because I have never create or done something like this before.

Fitness Trainer Spring 2022

Project Purpose

The primary purpose of my page can design a workout to focus on strength, technique, forms, and gaining muscle. I am a trainer and more interested in powerlifting and strongman. By writing a QnA post on my Instagram, I can better assist people in their fitness goals. At the gym, I work as a personal trainer, a cycling instructor, and a high-intensity interval training instructor.

Project Samples

Meal Prepping

The main part of getting is eating healthy and giving your body the nutrition it needs. Meal prepping can be a helpful tool for anyone, regardless of whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain weight. I learned that planning and preparing meals and snacks ahead of time can save you time, reduce stress around mealtime, help improve diet quality, and help you reach and maintain healthy body weight.


To better help people achieve their fitness goals. One of my primary purposes is to better help people to understand their workout plans and exercises. My goal is to help each individual to set a workout according to their needs. There are many types of exercises and workouts I created along the way. Here are some samples I came out to one of the people I worked with. Setting goals and having a strategy in place will dramatically increase your chances of achieving your goals.If your plan has been put together properly you should really be getting the most out of your workouts, which is especially important if you are looking to achieve your goals in a limited amount of time. Having a plan in place will also allow you to measure your progress as you go along, so you can see whether you are on track.


Videos of workout techniques

Proper technique prevents injuries.

Sumo deadlift

This is the single most important reason to do everything you can to maintain proper form while lifting. As you lift heavy loads, there’s a chance your body will come out of alignment, which will put your muscles, joints and tendons in positions that could result in tears and strains. I show and explain on the instagram post on why techniques is important and also help explain the proper way when lifting heavy weights. Injury happens most of the time during lifting heavy. So, lift smart and effectively.


My biggest struggle with this assignment was adhering to the plan I set for myself at the start of the semester. To ensure that I will finish everything, I am someone who has to plan out my projects. However, the semester unfolded differently than I had anticipated, and the timetable I had created would not be practical. I had to completely rework my project schedule and the times I would be producing content, which was difficult.

Another difficulty I ran across was building a website. I intended to use Procreate, Glitch, and Adobe to build a website. I opted to switch to using Instagram for my posts, videos, and material because I didn’t have a great deal of understanding about using those applications, which made it difficult for me to make my posts look authentic.

Project Process

I decided what I wanted to create for the project before I even started the process. I debated whether to launch a podcast. I decided that a podcast would be the ideal project for me because I have never done anything similar and this project was about trying something new. But after learning more about what was required for a podcast, I came to the conclusion that I lacked the essentials to launch one. I learned that, and I made the decision to change my podcast into something easier to manage which is Instagram.

The first thing I did was create an Instagram page to post about myself. I posted many videos of different workouts. I narrowed it down to meal prep, workout techniques, and helped clients to set a goal and workout according to their needs. I also work with the fitness team from BYU-Idaho to promote fitness classes provided by them.

I worked with many fitness and wellness instructors and at BYU-I to help me better achieving my purpose. Once I understand what I need to do for my content, I started to have ideas what to post, write, and connect with the people, clients, and making plans for each individuals. Here are some cool events that we came out when I worked with the BYU-I fitness team.


I faced a few ups and downs when I still enjoy the process of achieving my goal. I was having a hard time to continue because of running out ideas. I am glad I found a way to work with the fitness team at BYU-I. The team has so many cool activities to better help the people I targeted stay motivated and kept them pushing to stay fit and healthy. There were people asking me how to stay consistent because it is discouraging when they did not see the changes in themselves. Having different fitness events and activities helped them see the fun of being healthy and most importantly why they set goals. Fitness and be healthy can be fun if doing it right!


The most important lesson I gained from working on this project was how you can be more flexible with your creative process and adjust the schedule you set for yourself. I was able to get through certain scheduling difficulties by being flexible with time and occasions. I learned that it is not easy to keep track on everything and one of the biggest issues is procrastination. I do not want to give excuses on how busy I am, but I definitely learn it is important to have a solid plan and be organized. I have always been careful about keeping to my schedule, but this project proved to me that I am still capable of accomplishing my objectives even if I had to adjust the timing and method of their completion.


Pictures and fun stuff

New spinning room at BYU-I