Organizational Consulting for BYU-Idaho Human Resources Wellness Team – Joey Jones

Purpose and Objective

Starting in April I worked with the Human Resources Wellness Team at BYU-Idaho to update and help them refine their social media pages. My goal was to help them get more engagement while creating my own posts and actively trying new post ideas.

Work Produced

These are some of the posts and videos I made for their social media to gauge their audience. The Wellness Team made all of their posts from Canva, which is an easy-to-use graphic design application with many other uses. I learned that posting about people around the college campus engaged people more and gave them more likes and views on their social media.


I found it challenging to create posts because I have not used social media too much, but it gave me the experience and skills to know what good marketing to use and helped me get a base level of graphic design knowledge.


The three stages of consulting I used were evaluating and looking at old posts to see what worked well and what did not. Secondly, I started engaging in my own posts and trying new styles for them. Thirdly, I created training for them so they could better understand how to handle their social media to a high standard.

Overall Experience

I had a wonderful experience working with the Human Resources Wellness Team. I loved trying marketing and pushing myself to learn how to consult better. Especially because who knows what I may be consulting in the future.

Insights and Takeaway

Finally, I learned how important it is to create deadlines for yourself and get things planned out before you jump into the process. Consulting requires dedication to research, and without it, you will not help the people you are consulting very well. Create a process, follow the process, and change the process. This is how to consult effectively.

Personal Video