The Effect Words have on Salaries

By Alexander Wood

I have wanted to work in Human Resources for the past couple of years and this is the reason for the creation of finding the titles and positions of a business and comparing salaries across websites. I’ve worked as assistant for different managers and being able to get a glimpse of the Human Resource world through this was insightful.

This project was a new experience for me because it was a different aspect in research. The reason for this is I had to use sites that I’ve heard about but never used. The research allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills into different websites and understanding of salaries. The thing that I found the most interesting is how one word can change a salary significantly. This is something that is come for a lot of different titles and positions. The one that shocked me the most was for Ultrasound positions. The reason I chose this position is that there are Ultrasound Technicians and Technologies, and the difference in Tech changes the salary significantly. This difference is $40,000+ in maximum salary just because the technician is change to technologist. However, this big of a difference isn’t just for medical positions.

The difference in medical positions might seem significant, but another position we can look at for significant changes in salary is managerial positions. Managerial positions might seem like they pay similar salaries but not really. We can see this in the difference from supervisor, manager, and director. Each of these roles have similar responsibilities, but the higher you go decisions you make that affect a business. This is seen in the minimum starting salary for each position. The supervisor starting salary is around $39K, the manger minimum starting salary is $35K, higher maximum salary than supervisor, and lastly the director minimum starting salary is $56K. This was another interesting salary difference because I figured everything would be within a $5k-$10k range of minimum starting salary and bigger maximum salary however, that wasn’t the case. The minimum starting salaries were bigger and end salaries had a huge difference as well. This difference with certain titles and positions was interesting and an excellent intro into the Human Resource world.

Overall, learning the knowledge and skills to work with websites such as GlassDoor, PayScale, ZipRecruiter, O-net, and Indeed has broaden my horizon. I’ve also learned that certain websites such as GlassDoor have a wider range of titles than other websites, which allows for a more in-depth understanding over salaries for positions and titles. However, I also learned that understanding all these websites allow for salaries across the board and what different sites believe to be the average. This project has helped me in understanding salaries, positions, titles, and organizing such information into excel.