Rise and Rebuild Project Report

by Ella Espinosa

Rise and Rebuild Project Report

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To help Rise and Rebuild International Foundation create an online presence and a solid brand image by creating marketing deliverables for the cause such as infographics, stickers, logos, social media content, business cards, etc.

The Project

Here’s a few of the marketing content I have created and designed for the foundation:




Business Cards:

In addition, I was also tasked for other things such as:

-Creating drafts for paid ads on Facebook that they can start running at any time

-Setting up Google Analytics for their website

-Creating and designing ad campaigns on Google Analytics to create more traffic for their website

-Editing process documents and speeches for events

-Proofreading monthly reports

-Editing a semi-annual progress report

-Attending Employee Training sessions


Some of the challenges I faced was not being given much direction design or style-wise when creating my deliverables, since the company does not have a brand style guide, nor do they even have brand colors. I had to start from the ground up and help the foundation create a persona online for their brand.

Another challenge I encountered was communication. The foundation is technically based in Sandy, Utah, but their full operations are in the Philippines. I had a hard time scheduling times to meet with other employees because of the time difference.

Lastly, it was hard to identify what the foundation’s needs are when it comes to content, but I was able to clarify these things just by attending employee training sessions and getting to know the foundation a bit more and what they stand for.

Project Processes

I mostly worked with Adobe Illustrator to create the deliverables assigned to me. First, I would meet with the communications coordinator or social media manager or both, to discuss what kind of deliverable they want me to create for a specific need that they have. They would inform me of the design direction they want to be in, but it would mostly be up to me and had the creative freedom to create as I see fit. After creating drafts, communication would be over email to create changes or make tweaks to the design. I would meet my mentor after some correspondence I would then meet with them again after the design is finalized. I would send over high-quality PNG, PDF and .ai files for their convenience.

Overview and Insights

Overall, it was an incredible opportunity working with Rise and Rebuild for a semester. I gained much experience working as a temporary brand manager and had a unique first-hand experience on applying what I know and have learned so far honing my skills in social media management, digital marketing and brand management.

During the last few weeks working with the foundation, I had the opportunity to join a training session with other remote workers for the foundation. They talked about the progress Rise and Rebuild has seen, and I was informed by the communications coordinator that they have had several generous donors during the past few months which has been their source of how they were able to host multiple and several feeding programs.

I am ecstatic and incredibly excited to report that I have been given the opportunity to apply for the brand manager position after graduation. It’s been such a great opportunity to work for them and be part of such a great cause.