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I got advice from a mentor of mine that I needed to start writing about sports every day in order to prepare for my future career goal as a sports analyst. I started the blog that I called, 1st & Cole which is a play on words for a situation in football, 1st & Goal. I thought that was a fun name I came up with.

This blog helped me learn a lot about how much time it takes to write a decent post. I spent a lot of time watching sports so I would know what to write about. I got very lucky that my favorite hockey team won the Stanley Cup so I had plenty to write about every other day for the most part. It was fairly easy to write about my teams but the time it took for me to gather information for my articles was much higher than I thought previously. Writing these articles almost every day gave me a boost in my confidence when it came to writing.

Sample of my writing

I spent most of my time watching sports and I realized eventually that it would help me to take notes during games so I would have to look up less information during the writing process. I also spent more time than I usually do reading sports articles to get a better idea of the structure professionals use in their articles. I originally had a very plain-looking site that I was posting on but later in the process decided that my site needed some branding and created a logo.

The logo I created for my blog

I have always been a major sports fan and I plan to keep my blog going and write about more sports other than just hockey. I did start doing that after the NHL season ended and it was difficult to switch up my writing for different sports. I never realized before how unique it is to write about each sport. There are different terminology and positions that you have to focus on as well as completely different statistics so I am glad I made myself get out of my routine and write about other sports. On days my team was not playing, I struggled at first to do anything for my blog because I was busy and did not have time to watch games that I would not normally be interested in. I did overcome that eventually and wrote about the NFL schedule release and the NBA draft as well as some MLB games.

My writing has gotten noticeably better throughout this process and I know I still have a long way to go from being a professional sports writer. However, I will never reach that point if I do not do things like this and write consistently. I look forward to continuing my blog and working on my writing. This blog has helped me realize that my passion for sports does carry over to my writing and that means this can be a viable career option for me in the future. Writing about what I am passionate about was harder than I originally thought but working on it every day has helped me get more comfortable and confident in my own writing.

I had an interesting insight when I was making my blog and I realized that it is almost easier to write about teams that I do not really care about that much. I say that because it is much easier to stay neutral and objective when I am writing about other teams. The other side of that statement though, is that those articles I am not as passionate about so I need to work on being more passionate about other teams as well as maybe reigning in my passion for my teams a bit. If I was writing specifically for one of my favorite teams it would not matter as much how objective I remain but since my ultimate goal is to work for a company like ESPN, I would need to be less biased in my writing for my future career.