Summit Tile-Laurel Albrecht

The Project’s Purpose:

Summit Tile is a commercial and residential tile installation company based out of Utah. They recently took control of another tile company name and are going through the process of rebranding.  I have helped them by creating a logo, business cards, T-shirts for their workers and a Facebook work page.  Since they are a small starting company, they are in desperate need of workers and employees.  So, by me helping them on the marketing side and creating a front facing business, it has created connections, networking opportunities, and greater awareness in the Salt Lake area.

Facebook Page & Job Posting


The biggest challenges I faced was learning the language of the company. To this point, I never had experience with construction so it was new for me to learn the mission of the company, the day to day work, and how they go about getting jobs. This was vital for me to understand so that I could best navigate my work to best represent them. Another challenge was working with a small company. It was wonderful to build strong relationships with each member of the team, however a consequence of that was their time. They were constantly working on new projects, running around that it was hard to catch them and review marketing ideas with them.

The Process:

Each week involved a new marketing side of the business from creating its logo to business cards to a Facebook page and even job postings. With guidance from the owners and their expertise in booming the business, I was able to work independently and create content. I used Canva to produce much of the company’s visual work. For the business cards, I researched competitor companies to strengthen Summit Tile’s design. For the T-Shirts I worked with a local company to create durable breathing material. Creating a company Facebook page was new to me, I reached out to a mentor and tutorial videos to better understand some effective strategies. And lastly for job postings, I worked with multiple websites and HR companies to blast our urgent need for hard working individuals. 


I’m grateful for the new role I was able to represent in a company. Summit Tile used my fresh and detailed eyes to construct multiple marketing techniques and design for the growing business. It was educating working with a team of successful members that had diverse experiences, cultures, and personalities. I learned to work on strict deadlines. I learned to communicate in the language of construction. I learned to communicate through visual and oral work. I learned to work with a face-paced busy team. I learned to create meaningful connections in a professional field. I learned a whole new profession. I learned to deal with conflict. My goal was to reach a target audience of tile installers and assistants in Utah through effective marketing skills and I did just that!