Catherine Stewart – Make Room Decluttering – PR Campaign

Emphasis: Public Relations – Fall 2022

Photo: BYU-I Photography

Make Room is a new business that is working to help people make their homes a place where they can breath. This is done by meeting with people and discussing what areas of their home or space they want to declutter. The moto of the company is that Less is More and we can make room in our minds as we make room in our homes.

The business was created in April 2022 by Brian Stewart. He started the business after having his own experience with downsizing the number of things he owned. He knew he mental health benefits and realized he was passionate enough about it that he could help other people improve their lives in the same way. He began with a Facebook page. The color scheme started with a royal blue and a great ad with the complete information about the company. What the company was missing was a brand in itself. This is what the PR Campaign brings to the company.

The bulk of what I did was to create a social media plan, website, and a campaign book. The social media plan began with some test runs. Our test runs led to an understanding of the budget needs, client interest in the area, and ideas for future posting. We also gained a better understanding of the target audience for the company.

Overall the goal was to give Make Room a starting plan to build the business and cliental. The goal of Make Room is to improve the world through the process of decluttering, its an exciting start to something that will prove beneficial to those who come in contact with the business through the campaign strategies.