Elise Hamberlin- Being Bold in Business

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Project Summary

Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a passion for the beauty, business, and marketing industry. I decided to chase my dreams and get my master esthetics license as well as a bachelor’s degree in Social and Digital Media marketing. For my project I wanted to create something that would better my business as well as my design skills. I created multiple designs to digitize and embroider onto merchandise to sell to my clients and online customers. I learned many skills such as how to embroider, create a website, better my design skills, and photography skills. I was able to get four designs done and put on merchandise ready to sell. I was able to achieve my goals of creating designs, getting a certain amount on my merchandise, creating a website to sell the products, and creating marketing plans. I measured my success by creating a timeline and following it very closely. I also measured my success by simply learning how to embroider these designs on my merchandise. I also knew I wanted to have some products pre-ordered and sold by the end of my project. With only one week of posting and marketing my new designs on social media I have had twelve purchases profiting $120. This project has had many failures and successes, but I can’t wait to see where it continues to take me in business!

Designs Made and Sold

These are my four designs I paid to have digitized and was able to embroider on merchandise and start selling. I also learned new photography skills with some lessons from a friend who does photography for a living. I took and edited all the photos of my products to market on my Instagram and new website


I had a low budget for photography due to the costs I had to spend on the embroidery equipment, merchandise, and digitizing my designs. I was able to buy a fairly cheap ring light and get some tips from a friend who does photography for a living how to edit with presets. I took all photos of my products to post to my Instagram page and website I created for part of this project. I created my own flat lay backdrops from scratch as well as utilized materials in my home. Here are some behind the scene photos.

Practice Makes Perfect

Throughout this process there was a lot of failures before I was able to get my designs where I wanted. I spent a large amount of time and money finding the right materials for my head wraps that would work with my embroidery machine. I also spent time figuring out what color combinations would look good together. Below are some pictures of the materials and designs that did not work in the beginning.

The Website

One of my goals for my project was to create a website/ E-Commerce store for my clients and customers to shop on and purchase my new merchandise I designed. I successfully finished my website and will be launching my products on it the first week of December. Below is some photos of my website along with a link to visit and soon shop.

Outcomes and Summary

Because my website will not be launching until December I started taking pre-orders through posting on my Instagram page ad stories. In just one week of posting I have had twelve orders profiting $120. It was not one of my goals but I have also gained two wholesale customers for purchasing inventory for their businesses with custom designs. Overall I have been able to reach my goals of creating designs, getting four designs created on merchandise, building a website, and starting to market my products. I plan to continue to create different designs and get the other designs I created on merchandise as well. I have been able to get a few influencers to promote my spa head wraps and I hope that helps grow my sales as well. This has been a rewarding experience and I cant wait to see where this continues to take my business in the future.

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