Grayson Adams | Subtle Statements

Advertising Emphasis


Subtle Statements is an Instagram page dedicated to my handmade jewelry business. Not only was is it my intent to sell my craft, but to also gain a loyal following and engage with my audience. I wanted to provide content that viewers wanted to see and be a part of.

The goals for this project were to reach 500 Instagram followers, receive a minimum of 2 comments per post, receive a minimum of 15 likes per post, and sell at least 20 pieces of jewelry.

The 50 hours to complete this project resulted in 270 Instagram followers, an average of 3 comments per post, an average of 20 likes per post, and 26 pieces of jewelry sold.

Age 18-34 | Female | Located in South Carolina, Idaho, Utah


I have thoroughly enjoyed studying communications over the last 3 years. Especially when I get to do big projects like this one that give me real world experience in marketing and advertising.

My biggest takeaway from this project is that it doesn’t matter how many Instagram followers you gain but how you interact with your current followers. I may not have met my follower goal, but I gained an amazing connection with the followers I did gain. I ended up receiving meaningful comments on my posts and sold above my original goal.

Going forward, I am excited to learn even more about the world of social media marketing through my own experiences.