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Kovi Riding – Video Production

I am just finishing up my degree in video production at Brigham Young University – Idaho. During my time here I have learned a lot about all the stages of video production and for my senior project I wanted to find something that could show each of these areas and push me to make something great. For my project I got the great opportunity to work with Advanced Physical Therapy and Wound Center in Rexburg Idaho. I met with them and asked if I could make a few different videos to showcase their clinic. I was able to produce four ads for them and show off two of their clinics and several of the specialties they provide to patients.

Pre – Production

For the first phase of production I met with the owner Alicia Siddoway and talked to her about what she would like to see in the videos. We got a general idea of what she wanted and I went to work on making up a few shot lists and some basic story boards to show her. After I had written up a proposal I went back to her and shared it with her. We changed a few things and then once she approved the plans I moved on to gathering everything I needed including equipment and legal documents like a location agreement and talent release forms. Then I worked production design figuring things out like lighting, mood and tone. These all effect the final look of the video so I wanted to know what I was trying to make before ever picking up a camera. This phase of production took me just over twenty hours to complete after everything was done.


This phase is my favorite part of making any video. I love getting behind the camera and making the vision that we have come to life. Over the course of several different days I was able to go in and work with some of the staff as well as a few actors and patients to shoot all the footage that was needed. I shot interviews with Alicia as well as the other Physical Therapists in the office. I captured footage of the therapists working with patients in a variety of situations and exercises. I also shot some footage of actors doing different exercises. I then got some extra b-roll footage of the clinic and even took some drone footage outside to get a full view of the clinic. The majority of filming was done on my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro. It’s an amazing little camera that I got the chance to use during my time at BYU-I and knew I wanted one to use in my work. Other than this camera I used a DJI Air 2 drone for the shots of the exterior of the building, and I used a DJI Mic set to capture the audio from my interviews as well as a Cayer video tripod throughout the filming process. I had three separate days of filming in two different locations, their main office in Rexburg and their smaller office in Rigby Idaho. The entire time for filming came in at around fifteen hours.

Post Production

After filming was finished I had to edit the footage. For this project I used DaVinci Resolve editing software to cut and edit the footage together. I used the shot lists and original plans we had made to piece together the footage. I ended up having to cut several things as well as do a few reshoots for footage that ended up having problems within it. But after all of this I had the videos assembled like I wanted them, then I began the process of color correction and audio mixing. I found background music and adjusted everything to give the videos a final more professional look. I was very happy with the final results and think that the videos showcase my abilities in both filming and editing. Links to the finished videos will be posted below. Advanced Physical Therapy ran one of the ads on their Facebook and Instagram and gave me some of the results back from that. They gave me the total of impressions, reach, engagements and clicks. The total for these are also shared below. After everything I got the opportunity to present my project at the senior showcase to my fellow classmates and professors. The final phase took me twenty – five hours in total.

Final Videos


My goals for this were to push myself and make something that could be used in a professional setting. I wanted to do the entire process on my own to show that I could handle each stage of a project and see it through to the end. I was very happy with the finished result and Advanced Physical Therapy got the videos they had hoped for. I feel like this project helped me to complete all the goals that I had and I am happy to share it with everyone and look forward to a future of many more videos to come.