Karli Kidd Brown | Creating an Effective Manager’s Manual

Strategic Organizational Communication

Hawx Manager’s Manual Overview

Throughout my college career, I worked at Brigham Young University-Idaho in the Student Records and Registration Office. At this great job, I became intrigued by the way things worked behind the scenes. I had the opportunity to reflect on the current processes and find ways to improve them. While doing this, I realized how much I enjoy including innovation, improvement of processes, and removing room for error.

I wanted to apply these skills I have acquired to help a company become more efficient. I decided to create a Manager’s Manual for Hawx Smart Pest. I worked as an employee for Hawx a couple of years ago and through talking with current management, I was able to take a deeper look into how things run. I began to recognize the aspects that I thought would improve the productivity of the business. When it came time for me to choose a project, I knew I wanted to create something to benefit this great company.

I spoke with current managers and employees at Hawx and got their input on what would be helpful for them. The feedback I got focused heavily on the materials they hoped to obtain as new managers. The training resources provided to train new managers were presented in videos that were several hours long. As I watched the training videos, I saw several topics mentioned repeatedly, but the format left plenty of room for error and misunderstandings. When gathering the information as I watched, I felt like I was being fed through a fire hose. There was good information included, but the formatting was not practical or usable.

I used my experience from working at Brigham Young University- Idaho at the Student Records and Registration Office to make a change. At my time there I was able to have a large role in hiring, on-boarding, training (one-on-one and in group settings), and building rapport. I was able to do this while keeping in mind the expectations for the employees and the culture, mission, and vision of the organization. I especially enjoyed adding innovation to the processes that existed to make them more efficient. My goal for this project for Hawx was to give them a resource that could help increase consistency in management, retention for recruits and employees, and reiterate expectations. In this project I was able to create a resource for managers that is practical and easy to navigate.

I included a table of contents to serve as a guide to the reader, so they no longer have to rake through hours of videos to find the answers to their questions. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this booklet to create consistency for all the managers at Hawx Smart Pest. By using the information provided by the company I was able to condense and organize it in a way that will benefit the management greatly. It will help them by being a guide in learning about the organization of the company, their role as a manager, how to run meetings, training topics, and the culture and vision of Hawx. Using this guide will create consistency as these managers follow the steps in recruiting and will reduce the chance for human error in the managing process.

I wanted this to be as practical as possible so I included an online version so managers can access the manual at any time.

The Contents of the Manual

The topics of these pages were approved by Hawx management to ensure all the basics would be covered. All information used for this manual was extracted from trainings given by the Vice President of Sales at Hawx. Langeveld, Parker. “Manager’s Training.” Hawx. 2022.

I aimed to incorporate the same kinds of fonts, colors, and styles to maintain consistent branding with their other materials.

The colors used were the following:

#000000, #5b8082, #a6a6a6, #ffffff

The fonts used were the following:

Raleway. Raleway Heavy, Horizon, and Glacial Indifference

Online Access to the Manual

Scan this QR code to access the Hawx Manager’s Manual from anywhere. I wanted to include this in case a manager wanted to access it when they aren’t at home or at the office. It is required to ensure usability and practicality.

‘The Process’ PowerPoint Presentation

In these slides I went through each step that I followed to collect the information, make it more concise, and organize it to create an effective manager’s manual for Hawx.

The Purpose Behind the Manager’s Manual

I created this visual to demonstrate the purpose behind completing this manager’s manual. I included the problem at hand, solutions I used, and outcomes for this project.

The Presentation

I wanted to include all the elements of Hawx in my presentation. I brought the manager’s manual for people to look through. I brought the poster with the active QR code so they would be able to access the manual on their mobile devices. I displayed the PowerPoint presentation to show the process I went through to create the manager’s manual. I also brought a lanyard and some hats from Hawx to show the branding of the company. I enjoyed presenting about my project and getting feedback from those that stopped by.

Time Spent

15 hours extracting information from 15 hours of training videos.

2 hours meeting with Hawx managers to get input, feedback, and budget.

5 hours organizing the information into topics.

8 hours editing wording and sifting through information to make it concise.

15 minutes creating the active QR code.

45 minutes creating the purpose behind the manager’s manual poster.

2 hours planning the presentation and display set up and gathering materials.

22 hours using Canva to create the manager’s manual including creating the style guide with fonts, colors, and styles. I organized the information in a manner that is easy to understand, navigate, and use.

Total: 55 hours

Thank You!

Thank you for stopping by and reviewing my project! It was a joy for me to work alongside and benefit this great company. If you have any questions or comments for me, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you.

Email: kid17003@byui.edu