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Project Summary

I did the social media branding and launched my clients’ dog breeding business online. Artha Harker, my client, is a dog lover through and through, she shared with me; “we’ve enjoyed different pure breeds of dogs in our home with our family, and now we would like to provide the opportunity for other families to enjoy pure breeds that I love.” She had been breeding dogs in the past but now she wanted to take things online but did not know how to.

During the course of 8 weeks, I helped my client create two business social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook, I also created a brand kit guidebook which includes: Logo, color palette, fonts, hashtags, photo release form, contact page, and reference page. I also created an infographic with tips for her business which include: the company motto, target persona, content tips, a reminder to refer back to her brand kit guidebook, and some growth and engagement metrics from the last 8 weeks.

The first litter that we launched online were 4 beautiful F1 Mini Labradoodle girls, 3 out of the 4 have found their forever homes thanks to the exposure and presence that social has brought to her business. My client went from having zero social media knowledge to now understanding the impact, exposure, and clientele that social can bring to her small business.

We provide happy, quality puppies to loving homes

SMokey k9 pups motto

Brand Kit

I created the logo as well as 4 different variations of the same logo. The color pallet was created using neutral colors, I did research on the hashtags she should be using in her feed, fonts are showcased on page 5 to help my client keep a consistent brand, I created QR codes for easy access to her social media platforms and consolidated her contact information into one place where she can easily access it, and I created a photo release form. One of my client’s goals was to showcase the families that took the puppies into their homes on social media, I created this form so she could fulfill this goal ethically in her business. This brand kit booklet will help her keep her feed aesthetically pleasing and consistent.


Photo release form

Infographic: Tips to keep your business moving forward

Social Media

Senior Showcase Booth

I spend about 14 hours editing pictures. I used Adobe Lightroom on a mobile app to edit pictures, I also wanted all of the pictures that were going online to be branded with the logo, so I used Canva to help me with this editing process. I spend the majority of my time creating; I created about 14 posts, countless stories, 3 reels, a Facebook banner, and also the brand kit, logos, stickers, infographics, photo release form, QR codes, posters, and much more. My client did not know how to use Instagram very well, I spent a lot of time meeting with her to show her some ins and outs of Instagram and also walking her through how to take pictures and videos so I could create content. My client is in Arizona and I’m located in Idaho, distance was a challenge for me in this project because that meant that I had to rely on my client to get good content so that I could then edit and post it on social media. I really enjoyed helping out my client to launch her small business online, she now has two platforms that showcase what she loves most, dogs!