Kimberly Felker – Kimberly’s UGC Guide

Digital and Social Media Emphasis

Project Summary

The past 6 months I have launched my career in a type of marketing titled, User Generated Content, or more commonly referred to as UGC. UGC has allowed me to work from home and be paid by companies to create video and photo content for them to use on their own social media channels. As I talked about this to my fellow classmates at BYU-Idaho, I received many questions about how it worked and how they could get started in UGC too. I soon realized there was a demand for education about what UGC was and how others could get started, which led me to creating my website.

The last 10 weeks I have dedicated a considerate amount of time to creating a website that leads readers through the steps of how to get started with UGC, and gives readers many examples of the content I create and use to land deals with brands. This website gives readers all of the essential information and tools they need to become successful in UGC.

While I did create a website, the main focus of my project was not actually the process of building the website, but rather crafting great content to put on the website. I created a very clean and simple website layout, and dedicated the majority of my time to creating photo and video examples of what qualifies for UGC, media kit templates for readers to fill out and use themselves, and text giving deep insights and information into the world of UGC.

Video Examples

I created 3 example UGC videos of what I would actually send a company. For each video I used different styles, so that viewers would understand that there are many different ways that you can create UGC. I made the videos fairly simple so that viewers would watch the videos and feel confident that they would be able to create content similar to it as well.

Eyelash Video

Jewelry Video
Skincare Video

Photo Examples

I used 3 different products and took 9 professional images of the products. I used a very simple background in all of the images so that viewers would realize they don’t need an expensive setup to take professional looking pictures. Below are 3 of the 9 photos found on the website.

Media Kits

I created 6 different media kit templates that I would actually use to pitch to a brand. All of the media kit templates were fully customizable and had my information in them already so that viewers had an example of what they could put on their media kit. I ensured that all of the media kits were different and included different information, as I know that there are certain aspects some people will need while others will not.


I created a large infographic that summed up the 5 basic steps that I took to getting started with UGC. I used this infographic on my website, and printed it out for my Senior Project presentation. As I was creating the infographic, I made sure to keep the steps very short and clear, so that readers would not become overwhelmed with the steps. I also include lots of images so that it would help draw in interest.

QR Code

I wanted to ensure that those who came to my booth, viewed my website, and talked with me would be able to view my site after the Showcase had ended. To do this, I created a QR code that people could scan and be directed to my mobile website so they could view it again.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I would love to take this website and turn it into a course. After interacting with a lot of people at the Senior Showcase, I realized that there truly is a market for this, as there was so much interest in what I shared. I even had several people express interest in paying for an in-depth course. UGC has absolutely transformed my life and the way I make money, and I would love to further educate others on how to use UGC to change their lives as well.