Nolan Martinez | Email Marketing Creation & Strategy for The Greenery

Project Overview

Although I am a Digital & Social Media emphasis, my career goal is to become an Email Marketer. I think email marketing is so cool & fun. The coolest part is everything I have learned in my major thus far is applicable to email marketing.

With graduation looming, I wanted to create something that I could put into my portfolio to show future employers I have the skills necessary for every part of email marketing.

This project consisted of creating a mock brand, logo design & creation, taking photos, editing photos, writing specific copy for email marketing, creating email strategy, and designing the emails in Adobe Suite.

My project process began with me researching what great marketing emails look like and what the strategy behind them was. Through this research and from personal experience, I created an email strategy for my mock brand.

This strategy would consist of subject lines, email automations, and time delays to create an effective email strategy for any ecommerce brand.

After establishing the strategy behind every email, I began to develop the branding for this mock brand. I chose specific colors and fonts that reflected the brand voice I wanted. This would later lead to The Greenery, which would be an ecommerce flower subscription brand to use for the mock emails I wanted to showcase.

Above you will find the colors I chose to use for the mock brand and more importantly, to use throughout the emails.

Shortly after choosing colors and fonts, I began to sketch out what the logo would look like. The sketching began on my iPad using Procreate and then moved to Adobe illustrator.

I created a variety to get the perfect feel of what I wanted the mock brand to be. After doing some research of what popular flower ecommerce logos looked like I moved to creating what I thought looked good. I went through a couple of different designs, but in the end the final logo took a while to be decided on.

After establishing the logo I would use, I began to start sketching the emails. These sketches began in my notebook, iPad, and then moved to Adobe XD. I researched what I thought were good looking emails. This research would happen in my personal email inbox along with other resources found on Twitter & Google.

Through a combination of photos, I took myself and images from royalty-free websites, I was able to start designing the emails in Adobe XD.

Welcome Emails:

Post-Purchase Emails:

Abandoned Cart, Checkout, & Browse Emails:

Transactional Emails:

Campaign Email:

Time Log:

Project Outcomes:

I was challenged more than I initially imagined. I learned with certainty that I am glad I did not choose photography or visual media as my emphasis.

Designing and creating the emails was challenging and time consuming, but not nearly as much as when it came to taking and setting up photos or designing & creating graphics.

Despite the hurdles presented in my project, I have materials to put into my portfolio. This will allow me to apply to jobs and have something to show.

I learned that each email should have a specific goal in mind. Every design, graphic, photo, and copy should lead towards this goal.

I will have materials to include into my portfolio. Thanks to this, I now feel more prepared to enter the email marketing field.