Save Oak Flats-Advocacy for the Apache

The purpose of my project was to raise awareness on the U.S. court case, Apache Stronghold v. United States. This is an ongoing case between the San Carlos Apache Nation and the U.S. government for the past 7 years. The U.S. government illegally sold the Apache reservation, Oak Flats, to an international copper mining company, Resolution Copper, back in 2014. The Apache Nation has been trying to reclaim their land that they use for religious purposes, ceremonies, and what they believe is the center of their religious belief.

I learned about this


The focus of my project was to create a website on WordPress that explained the case, offered a timeline, and offered ways to help support this case. Since this was my first time creating a WordPress website, I met with Brother Lybbert on various occasions for help on how to improve my website. He helped me when my setup would not function or I had trouble figuring out how to set up my store. I am very happy with how it turned out!

I created a video with more information on what I included in the website.

Here is a link to the website:

On my website, I wrote three different blog posts. Each post required at least three hours of research, writing, and editing. I included the various resources where I gathered my information at the end of each blog post.


I also created stickers to present at the senior project as a way to peak people’s interest and to promote the cause of saving Oak Flats from being destroyed. Down below I have included some sketches and the process of how I created each sticker to my liking.

I had learned how to use Adobe Illustrator in the past when I took Vector Graphics. So when I started creating these stickers, I met with my previous professor, Brother Kerr, for feedback and ways to improve them.

Down below are the finished stickers that I gave away at the Senior Presentation. So many people told me that they loved how they turned out!

I created a poster that would promote my website with a QR code placed at the bottom. I had it displayed at the Senior Presentation so that people could easily access the website.

The Presentation

I had displayed my stickers, the poster I created with a QR code to my website, a book advocating for the protection of Oak Flats called “Oak Flat” by Lauren Hawkins, a monitor with my website showing in the back, and a big cardboard poster with a QR code to an online petition. When people came by to learn more about my project, I asked them to scan the QR code to the online petition so they could sign it and then asked them to physically sign the poster to show how others had supported the cause. It was a fun way for people to see how their support can make a difference when done together.

The 50 hours to complete this project resulted in a website complete with a store and Divi display, three blog posts, three stickers, two posters with QR codes, and prep work for the display at the senior project.

Going forward, I am excited to find employers who are seeking people with advocacy experience and have a passion for helping others.