Showing Up! With Jen Marr- Teaching Care and Connection Through the Skill of Comfort

Juliette Medard

Strategic Organization Emphasis

Project Summary

Since Covid-19, many people around the world have experienced severe isolation, loneliness, and struggled with hope which has contributed to a large increase of depression, anxiety, cases of burnout and other mental health related issues. About 54% of Americans have reported feeling alone or excluded. This has become an issue that is affecting the workplace, educational settings, and even present in our own homes. I teamed up with mentor Andra Hansen, to organize an event where we could address this issue that has become so widespread, educate and build the skill of showing up for one another. It is taught that “the benefits of a culture of care are broad — including a community of stronger, trusting relationships that feels seen, valued, and cared for.”

For this project I helped assist Andra Hansen and the director of Center for Hope, Nancy Espeth, in organizing a special two-day community event with Jen Marr, author of “Showing Up”. In her workshops she discusses the concerns and issues of lack of human connection and burnout, and how to combat that in a two day event that introduced her program of “showing up”. It was important to me that we made this event happen because bringing awareness to this would help people who did attend then develop and cultivate culture of care and connection in our community and organizations.


Overall I completed 55 hours for this project which entailed me designing, drafting and finalizing an event flyer to be used to help bring attention and awareness of the event. I was also volunteer coordinator, where I were to find people willing to volunteer, collect their personal information such as phone numbers and emails to coordinate what days and times they would be able to help at the event and communicate what is needed/expected of them. It also entailed helping find two venues located in the Idaho Falls location and the Rexburg location for the events. Much of my time also went into outreach efforts to local business, mental health organizations, students and educational institutes through composing professional emails, inviting them in person and through phone calls. It was very important to me that people that I invited knew how much their presence meant to me and how they could benefit from the event for themselves and their organizations. Advertising for the event as well as completion of the two-day event.

Upon reflection, what I learned from preparing and moving forward towards completion of the event is the importance of working with others to accomplish the goal at hand. I also learned how to communicate both vocally and written to get things done and help maintain that everyone working on this project was on the same page such as expectations for volunteers. I also learned how to work well under pressure and see mini projects through to ensure the two-day event overall was a success.

Photos – Day 1 of event at Idaho Falls Location

Day 2 of event at Rexburg Location

Overall, we had 64 people attend day 1 of the event in Idaho Falls and 43 people attend day 2 of the event in Rexburg. I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring this vision to life, and to begin the work of addressing burnout and mental health related issues in Idaho that has contributed to an alarming increase of suicide in our state. I believe this event was a step forward in showing up for one another in our community, and will help us build human connection and care as we navigate everyday activities.