Tyler Eddington – Tune Bytes

Name: Tyler Eddington

Project Name: Tunebytes

Emphasis: Video Production

Professional Photo:

Project Summary:

Watch Tune bytes: A guide to virtual orchestration.

For years, I have been composing as a freelancer. I composed mainly for those looking for music for personal projects such as podcasts, video’s and games. Many of my clients have mentioned that I should create tutorials on how to do what I do but for years I came up with excuses.

“There are already a million tutorials out there.” I would tell myself. “I don’t think I am qualified to teach, because I still have so much to learn.” Well this semester, I did a little research to see exactly what resources would be available for those who would like to learn how to compose themselves.

I was surprised at what I found. Although there were many tutorials on YouTube available to the public, I was surprised at what I found. The majority of the tutorials were long, unscripted, didn’t really explain musical theory concepts, and felt very casual, as if the teachers were just messing around, and explaining things as they came to it.

For me, this was great news! It meant that I could create videos that would stand out from the crowd and be useful to my clients. An advantage of creating tutorial video’s for aspiring composers is that it creates a new touchpoint for my brand. But I needed a place for my potential clients to go, so they could have all the information they would need to commission me for a song. To do this I created a website.


The website holds many songs that I have written along with a link to my Fiverr profile (A website where users can commission freelancers to create content for them.) and my instructional videos.

How to Write Good Melodies
Chords (Part 1)
Chords (Part 2)

As I continue to create new tutorials for aspiring writers, they will appear on my YouTube channel, tunebytes, and the will appear on my website.

After I created several of the tutorials, there was only one thing that I had left to do. I had to get the word out. To do this I created a Facebook page, and had a few of my videos advertised. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086502484091. I also had the oppertunity to present my website to fellow students at the Senior Showcase.

Since creating the Facebook page, the website, and the instructional video tutorials, visits to my website, and social media pages have increased. I have also gotten more orders through Fiverr and I have been able to make more money through that platform.

Time Log:

10/32 HoursUnderstand the project, creating a mental brief
10/43 HoursCreating project outline, Writing script for Tunebytes: A Guide to Virtual orchestration.
10/52 HoursFinalizing project idea, Mentor visit.
10/62 HoursRevising project as requested by Mentor, Reviewing script for Tunebytes: A Guide to Virtual Orchestration.
10/73 HoursResearch on Video creation tools for creating doodle segments. Watched tutorial videos on how to use the software.
10/8 – 10/105 HoursResurched dimension sizes, and created graphics for the Tunebytes Website, Facebook page, and Youtube page. Created website, youtube page, and facebook page.
10/112 HoursCreated the video and sound design for the 5 second introduction animation for all of the tune bytes videos.
10/123 HoursRecorded, added doodle slides and edited the video Tune bytes: a guide to virtual orchestration.
10/132 HoursWrote background music for Tunebytes: A Guide to Virtual Orchestration. (Later I decided this was too time intensive so I found creative commons music to use.)
10/142 HoursOrganized my information and met with mentor for check in #2
10/203 HoursPrepared the script for the first video
10/214 HoursRecorded and edited the first video
10/292 HoursOrganized information and met with mentor for check in #3. Paniked realizing that there is no way to create all the videos in time, set a smaller more obtainable goal of four total videos.
10/302 HoursPrepared the Script for the second instructional video.
11/23 HoursRecorded, and edited the second tutorial video
11/42 HoursWrote the script for the third tutorial video.
11/63 HoursRecorded and Edited the third tutorial video
11/163 HoursMade a few last minute changes to the website, prepared a two minute presentation, And decided what to bring to the showcase.
11/192 HoursCreated a wordpress blogpost