Zuggeyly Mendoza- Ever Peachy Media Management

Digital and Social Media Emphasis


My name is Zuggeyly Mendoza. I have been studying at Brigham Young University- Idaho now for three years and anticipate to graduate this fall. I will be graduating with an emphasis in digital and social media. My time studying this emphasis has been an extraordinary and rewarding major time as I have had the opportunity to develop various digital skills. And have acquired along the way the desire to launch my own media business!

For my senior project, I decided to design the layout for my future business, Ever Peachy, which will be launching in early 2023. Ever Peachy will be a media management business that will offer content strategizing, content creation, and content marketing as services.

Project Summary

While developing my business, one of my goals was to create something that could help brand’s understand the need they have to use social media efforts in order to either establish or grow their brand social media presence. What was the motivation to decide to develop something like a media business? I would love to have the creative freedom to create for those in needs of media services. I also would love to work within various industries to learn more about their work meanwhile learning how to best represent each industry, visually. Once I established my goals and intentions for this project, I then began developing my brand that would essentially become my business.

The branding process consisted of researching more about what a media business is like, what it can offer, who my target audience would be, and possible competitors I would have in this field of work. In order to organize all my research, I created a business model canvas which will serve as a guide for myself on how to run Ever Peachy, once it officially launches.

In order to reach media users in need of help with managing their ever changing social media experience, I designed a brand board with the visual information of my logo, brand color palette and fonts. And as well a descriptive list of how I would want my visuals to feel and look to future clients. The most challenging decision while designing the visuals for my business was the logo. As I wanted to design in a way that would depict in seconds, what my work design style is like and what it could look like for a client upon delivering their own customized content.

The logo and other visuals are on full display on a website, business cards, and on Instagram account. Links are provided below to see those designs on the website and Instagram account.


With learning to adopt an image for my brand, came the understanding of what I could offer clients. I decided that I wold love to use my content designing and managing experience to help other brands make their mark in the social media world. I believe effective strategizing, creating, and marketing can help any brand, large or small, deliver their brand content in a way that will influence their followers to act on the brand message.

Each of my businesses services and rates vary depending on the social media history the brand I am working with has. And is also determined by the end goal they have for their social media platform. With my experience thus far as a creative professional, I can ensure future clients valuable editing, scheduling, and design work that will allow them to see results in increase of reach or increase in likes.

In order to build additional credibility in managing media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or on Youtube. I decided to take the opportunity now to seek future clients and add to my portfolio by completing some of my services for them.

One of the clients is a cleaning services business that I had the opportunity to help remotely. They were in need of content editing, creation of a new logo graphic, and needed me to post for them weekly on Instagram.

Their greatest need was to promote their services for the first time on a newly created Instagram account to the their local area. They also wanted to post intentionally as often as possible. As a result, they have now acquired their target audience as followers and have a defined brand identity on social media.

You can visit V&R Cleaning Services on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/chattvrservices/.

Over the course of eleven weeks, I also was able to work with a TikTok lifestyle influencer. She wanted to define her content more through consistent editing and consistent posting. I researched, edited, and created a three month content calendar to refine her social presence with content she was happy to share with other’s and that best represented her desired content pillars.

You can visit Chantal on TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@chantalv0

In total, I spent sixty to seventy hours on my project by brainstorming, meeting with my project mentor, researching, formulating services and rates, searching for and meeting with clients to add to my portfolio, editing images and videos, posting, creating graphics, building my website, printing, and compiling a booklet of how I branded my business.

Project Outcomes

I did not anticipate how challenging building the structure of a media business would be. However, it has been the most rewarding experience to have in my last month’s as a Communication. I have become more equipped with finding and adapting my resources to help me fulfill media management responsibilities in order to provide customizable content for clients.

Additionally, I now understand the risks and structure of what my business will consist of so that I can promote myself authentically on my platforms to gain future client interest as I prepare to launch, Every Peachy.

In conclusion, Ever Peachy recently made its first debut at the Senior Showcase on November 18th, 2022 to give potential clients, fellow peers and professors of the Communication Department a sneak peek of what’s to come next year in the digital and social world. I am eager to continue developing my business in the professional world. I believe it has the potential to change how brand’s run their social media which will as a result cause them to positively influence within and outside of their industry.