Gabriela Tirado – The Latest with Gaby

News/Journalism Emphasis

The Latest with Gaby Project Overview

I’ve known I wanted to be a T.V. reporter since I was 12 years old. BYU-Idaho has helped me prepare for my professional career in many ways, and the Senior Project was no exception. I created a news show called “The Latest with Gaby” with two objectives in mind.

The first objective was to create a show where I’d strive to inform, entertain, and empower women across the world by delivering news in a timely manner. I would do this by building a community where women from diverse background can express and feel heard. After doing an internship with a recognize broadcasting company, I learned how much time and effort is put into delivering news every single day. I knew that was something I needed to work on if I wanted to be prepared after graduation. My goal was to be involved in news every day. From researching, and writing scripts, to recording and editing. This is a two-platform based news show that can be found in YouTube and Tik Tok. I focused on my audience being women between ages 18-35, who do not have time to consume news on a regular basis, or women who preferred to consume news through social media.

The second objective involves my future career plans. Even when I have a full-time job as a multimedia journalist, I want to continue with this project on the side to keep learning and practicing. With one goal in mind: become a leader in news for women across all digital platforms.

Senior Showcase

Senior Showcase Presentation

Project Materials

As discussed with my mentor, my main goal for the project itself was to focus on the content and delivery,, instead of collecting analytics. However, I did create a business plan where I wrote certain guidelines and goals for my project.

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Project Plan:

Learning Outcomes

One thing I learned about journalism is that it can be taken for granted, since information and news are just one click away. The time and effort put into journalism is underestimated. Which is why I’m so passionate about it, I want to contribute to something as essential as informing humanity and giving a voice to those who need it.

I’ve reflected a lot throughout the process of this project and the lessons this experience has taught me. Let fear go and just do it. As much as “Nike” it may sound, it’s the truth. Starting. That’s the hardest part. There will be many fears and excuses, but starting as soon as possible, especially with the scariest part, will make everything better. There will be many difficulties to face, either technical, physical, or emotional, but time and practice will always make up for that. I’m not only talking about the senior project itself, but my personal career too. Being scared to find an internship in the field because of not having enough experience, or being afraid to graduate because of not feeling capacitated to compete in the workforce yet, are not good excuses. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

The mini studio I set up at my house included a green screen

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