Kellie Marren Photography

For the last few months, I have worked on developing a website and social media for my photography business. I have always had a hobby of taking pictures and wanted a way for people to see my work. I thought the best idea would be to create a website and Instagram to get the project started. I built the website on an internet space called pixieset.

Pixieset is specifically created for photographers. It is a place for photographers to put their portfolio, investments, and their client galleries on. It is an easy all-in-one website space. This made the most sense to me to put on my website. Then I decided to use Instagram to build my portfolio as well because most of my target audience would be on Instagram and it has all the capabilities to be a photo-sharing app. Some of the challenges while working on this project were balancing my work and school life and putting together planned photoshoots for my clients.

Then I had difficulty putting together a content calendar for Instagram. The biggest takeaways from these last few months were improving my photography skills and learning about what it takes to grow a website and Instagram following. These were business aspects that I never thought about. I know from the time that I started this project till that I have improved immensely.