Haley Topham- Excellence in Management

I created the Excellence in Management website with the goal of having an online space full of communication tools for managers and leaders. I wanted to learn more about how to effectively lead people in the workplace, and share that knowledge in a way that was engaging, and that’s what I did with the Excellence in Management site.

Interviewing and learning from leaders and managers was actually the easiest part of creating my site. I found it challenging to think of new and engaging ways to present the information. Sometimes it was an infographic, other digital design, or a written article. I really didn’t want Excellence in Management to be the gathering place of boring write-ups. Stretching my communication skills to other mediums I was less comfortable with, such as digital design, was difficult but ultimately beneficial.

The skills, connections, and knowledge I’ve gained from creating this site have made a lasting impact on me. I read books and articles, listened to podcasts, and interviewed professionals in order to find the content I was searching for. Through out this process I have realized how much information there is out there and truly how I have to learn. A good leader or communicator understands how to seek out people who know more than them, and ask them for help or advice. Taking constructive criticism has always been difficult for me, but it was something I had to learn to get good at throughout the development of this site. Collaborating with others is a skill I hope to continue to develop and never forget.

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