Sadie Cox- BYU Game Giveaway

Purpose and Objective

The past few months, I have been able to work with Covey Regional Management in carrying out a BYU Game Giveaway through advertising and marketing. In this giveaway, we were offering winners 2 free bus tickets, and 2 free tickets to the BYU Game in Provo. Covey Regional Management is over 4 different apartment complexes here in Rexburg and wanted to do this Giveaway in hopes more people would sign a contract with them for a future semester.

The Project and Project Process

In order to get more people to sign contracts, I needed to promote the BYU Game to get people to sign up. I first made posters, and hung them around all the properties, and also around town to spread the word not only to tenants, but to the general public as well. Here are some pictures of the posters I hung around town.

After advertising through these posters, I had the chance to set up a booth at the Straw Maze here in Rexburg during one of our resident nights. We had a good turn out, and quite a few people came to the straw maze. People visited my booth, got a free donut, and scanned the QR code on these posters I had at the maze for a chance to sign a contract with one of our properties, and be entered to win tickets to the BYU Game. It was a super cold, but fun night!

Once we got the word out to more people through our booths, posters, and QR codes, I decided to take it a step further. At all 4 properties, I set up another booth with fliers stapled onto little bags of donuts to hand to students who were walking to class. This way, it helped capture our target audience, and raise awareness for the giveaway even more. Below is a video of the donut bags we gave away with the fliers attached.

After getting over 100 entries, I was able to pick 60 winners from the 4 properties. I was responsible for making sure all the itineraries and communication was being communicated correctly to the winners who were going to the game.

We packed up the bus, and left for Provo to the game. I made sure all the lists were accurate of who was going to the game, and that everyone had their ticket. The picture below are some of our winners.

Challenges Encountered

I had a really fun time planning this Giveaway. However, I did run into some challenges along the way. As I was handing out donuts at all the properties at my booths, not many people were scanning the QR code to enter into the Giveaway on the flier attached. I had to change my approach to it. I did this by leaving some donuts outside on the booth by themselves with out me sitting there and handing them out to see if this would help with people picking one up and scanning the code, and it did. More people were willing to get a donut and to scan the QR code to be entered into the Game Day Giveaway.

Another challenge we ended up facing, was on the day of the game. We had all of our winners ready early in the morning to get on the bus and drive down to Provo, and our bus ended up being an hour late. Not only was the bus late, but it was also the wrong size of bus and did not have as many seats as we had planned for. Luckily, we had some winners driving themselves to the game so we were able to make everyone fit on the bus and were not short a seat.

Overview of my Experience

I had a super positive experience with my project. I loved that I was able to work with a lot of different people, and it was on something that everyone could be excited about together. I love BYU football so it was fun to be able to promote the game, while simultaneously promoting the apartments and getting people to sign with the apartment complex.

Insights and Takeaways

I learned so much through this Giveaway. I learned that it takes more work than I thought it would to advertise/promote something. I learned it is so important to know your target audience, and exactly how to reach your audience in the right way. I learned this the hard way!

Advertising and marketing is continuous effort. You can’t advertise something one time! I learned this through doing a ton of booths, making posters, fliers, word of mouth, and through social media posts.

Overall I learned so much and I am so glad I was able to do this! It taught me so much about how to reach masses of people through advertising and marketing.