Olivia Hohl – Ocean Wave Brand


This project is making a brand style guide for a business called Ocean Wave Boutique. They are a business that sells ocean-themed stickers, clothing, beauty products, and jewelry. What makes them unique is that with every purchase, a part of the proceeds will go to ocean conservation. Since they are new, they need help creating a solid brand guide that makes their business cohesive.

The brand kit will include a logo, color palette, typography, photography, basic graphics, and the all-around voice of the brand. Ocean Wave will be able to refer to it at any given time. Exporting it in different file types will make it easy to have access to the guide and even the power to print it off.

This project aims to help me become a better communicator visually. Branding is essential to every business and I wanted to take this opportunity to increase my skills. My mentor was Shelby Delbridge, who has been doing branding, graphic design, and photography for many years. She helped me throughout the entire process.



The biggest challenge with the brand kit was getting the logo just right. After brainstorming with Shelby for what felt like forever, there were many sketches made, discussions held and countless designs created, but then after all that hard work we all eventually arrived at our chosen one! We jumped for joy and exchanged high-fives at our triumphant success – it sure did feel good! Shelby and I had certainly worked hard to get it “just right”, but finally coming up with the final concept really put a smile of satisfaction on all of us.


This design project was incredibly exciting and fulfilling! From taking an initial idea to a finished product—there’s so much one can do with the power of a good mentor.

First things first, Shelby and I determined the goals for the project; that was to make the logo, color palette, typography, etc.

Second, sketching and conceptualizing. I started in my sketchbook and was determined to get started on the Ocean Wave logo first. Then it was time to collaborate with Shelby, I had lots of designs to talk about. Gathering her feedback throughout the whole process assists tremendously in brainstorming and executing together.

Third, other assets. I spent time completing the other tasks while keeping Shelby informed throughout the journey.

Finally, putting it all together. I wanted to put the brand kit together in a fashionable way. I made the report in a PDF, JPEG, and PNG and the editing link. This is so there will never be a problem accessing the report.

Overall Experience

I can confidently say that my experience learning about branding and design was immensely positive. It has truly been a pleasure being surrounded by such talented people. Their level of creativity continuously invigorated me, furthering my appreciation for the remarkable art of creativity. I ultimately gained an abundance of knowledge away from this tour as well as an unforgettable enthusiasm when it comes to understanding the role designs plays in branding decisions for companies and businesses worldwide. Without a doubt, I had a wonderful time taking this learning journey and forming lasting connections through the process.

Key Insights

I have taken away essential insight on the impact promoting a brand has. I have come to recognize the immense power of branding. Building a distinct brand presence can make all the difference in the success of a product or company.

Another key insight I have learned is the power of critique. As an designer, it’s really important to ask for people to see your designs because their input will only make the design better in the end. Saying that, it’s important to ask critique from the right people. Luckily, I had my mentor Shelby, she helped me a lot on overall design and feel of the brand.