Shannon Miller- Creating an On-Board New Employee Packet

Human Resource Management


My Career began at Janesville Elementary school 16 years ago. I have works as a Paraeducator and Lead bus driver and various other positions. At this great school, I became aware of their hiring practices for new employees, during my position as Lead Yard duty and had the opportunity to work with new classified employees. My job was to ensure they have the materials and information they needed to feel comfortable and successful during the first day and throughout the 1st year of their employment. I have had time to reflect on the current process of hiring new employees and find ways to improve the hiring process. I realized I enjoy finding new ways to improve this process and make a way for a more professional avenue.

During my Education at Brigham Young University Idaho, I have learned many skills that can be a benefit to this process. I decided to make an On-Board new employee packet. I am a current employee at Janesville Elementary and had the opportunity to interview management, secretaries, and administration. This made me aware of the direction I could go to find the best way to create this On-Board new employee packet.

During my interview with management, secretaries, and administration I came up with lists that each person was responsible for with new hires. As I proceeded, I realized wonderful information and understood why I was so impressed do this project. All personnel were never given any direction to what each person should be going over with the new employees. YEH!! I had found my direction in terms of what this great school needed to be more professional.

I used the skills that I had acquired through my time at BYUI. I decided to create a survey that would ask questions around employee’s experience with being hired at Janesville Elementary. The answers led me to an awareness that Janesville Elementary did not have an HR department. They needed a hiring process that is easy to follow, with a simple structured process of who to go to and what information they needed. I began by interviewing the same staff that would be helping in the hiring process and made lists of items they would be going over personally when new hires came to them. I created an On-Board new employee packet that included check off lists that were customized for classified and certificated employees. Included in the On-Board new employee packet is an editable welcome letter, and a condensed, easy to read Emergency Operations procedure. My goal for the project was to have an On-Board new employee packet that looked professional, is easy to follow, and assists management with consistency in the hiring process; retention for new employees, and communicates expectations. I was able to create an On-Board new Employee packet that is hands-on, reasonable, and easy to navigate.

I included a file that has all editable documents that were created as part of the On-Board new employee packet, which will aid in the future success in the hiring process.

Components of the On-Board New Employee Packet

The pages included in this new employee packet have been edited and approved through the district Secretary and the administration at Janesville Elementary. All information included in this new employee packet was taken from board approved job descriptions, Emergency Operations procedure packet, Janesville school handbook and other recourses.

The idea of the design, text, colors and format were inspired by the history of Janesville Elementary. These are the colors of Janesville Elementary and the logo used is the mascot. The chosen colors Are as follows:

#2F5496, #040404, #FF0000, #DOCECE

The fonts used were :

Merriweather, Calibri, BFC Chalk Eraser, Segoe Script

Logo Used:

Images of the On-Board New Employee Packet


In the chalkboard presentation, I went through each step that I took to collect, design and present this On-Board New Employee packet.

Challenges and Insights

Surprisingly, I had very few challenges. The challenges that existed were learning Word Press Block Editor, uploading pictures with text, creating the video and deciding the format in which to present my senior project. The insights that I took away from creating this project were the love of learning new things, how much I have learned along my collage path, and knowing I can learn hard things and implement them in my professional career.

Displayed is a photo of my final On-Board New Employee packet I will be showcasing to the Janesville Elementary staff on December 13th.


Janesville Elementary On-Board New Employee Packet