Deviant Ink – Customer Support Guide

Published by Hagan Majors

I Work for a company called Deviant Ink. Deviant ink is a cosmetics company in the Power-sports industry that specializes in creating vinyl graphics for all power-sports vehicles: Snowmobiles, dirt bikes, Side by Sides, Snow bikes, Jet skis, etc. Our specialty is snowmobile wraps. My position at the company is the Production Manager. I oversee all orders that come in to our system and lead in
timely production of the wrap itself and in seeing through order fulfillment and shipping. I oversee the design team and the production team to ensure that there isn’t anything slowing down the production process.

I have also been introduced to many digital areas of the company as well: Customer support, social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO marketing. In these areas I have practiced many different forms of digital and physical communication strategies. I have planned content for Deviant Inks Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. I have created content for these channels as well. I have overseen email campaigns and have helped acquire new email subscription lists. I have written organic blog post material for Deviant Inks organic google search presence to optimize searches using popular keywords and phrases.

The Project I completed under direction of one of my bosses, Mack Wible, took some of the skills that I already have and combined them with skills I needed to learn, to help me learn more direct communication strategies as well as play a bigger role in the company. We use multiple gmail accounts, Facebook, Instagram, phone and text as communication lines. We also use WhatsApp in side the company and an app called ClickUp to organize orders. We have a Google drive with order information and files needed for production. The Organization of all of these channels would fall under the responsibility of a full time communications/customer support specialist. What I did was create a series of documents that act as a guide for training this potential employee. It includes automated answers to FAQs, links to certain documents and orders, and instructions on how to use ClickUp and all support channels to aid the customer and the other company employees in every way possible. In essence, I made a full Deviant Ink Customer Support Guide.

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While working on this project, I had to come over a view issues. My biggest issue was organization. I have done so many of these tasks for so long that the job had become so natural to me. But I realized if anyone else were to ever take my place, all the information I know and use would be scattered. A majority of my time on this project was spent collecting information, making excel sheets, organizing orders, and grouping it all together. I took it one step at a time. Because of privacy issues regarding customer confidentiality and business security, many of these master lists are only available to employees of the company and cannot be shared online. However, if a new employee ever came on board, all these lists and links could be made available to them by simply adding them to our companies shared cloud drives.

The biggest thing I learned is the importance of organizational skills. It was a long process collecting information and writing down information over the past few months. A lot more than I had expected. Had I started this organization process 2 years ago when I took on the job, this would have all been done already. But, collecting it all 2 years into the job was a lot of work. So organization and overcoming procrastination are my biggest takeaways from this project.

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