The Dos and Don’ts of Weddings

Project Purpose

The purpose of the project was to write a book about weddings. When a couple becomes engaged, they often do not know the first steps to a wedding. I wanted to create something that will guide couples to making choices for their own benefit. This is not only a guide for couples, but for family members, such as mother of the bride. A fun idea would to give the book as a gift.


I did extensive research. People have many opinions on what is to be considered “perfect” wedding. I thought of examples from when I shadowed managers at a wedding venue and also found examples online. Another challenge was the editing process. I am still currently editing my book and the published copy will most likely come out next year.

Project Process

Every week I spent an average of 5 hours writing and editing this book. I have included photos from my book on my social media for awareness. Friends and family have viewed it along the way and gave their personal opinions on what I could change. As I have said before, I have done extensive research to find the best content and photography. The book includes everything from wedding venues styles to gifts for friends and family. My plan is to hire a couple editors, go through drafts of writing, and then have it published.

Overall Experience

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. I still have a long way to go, but I hope that I will be able to publish it and sell to the public. I already have several people who are interested in purchasing my book.

My favorite part was finding photos. Images speak louder than words. Wedding photos are beautiful. I wanted to add more photos than content to capture the eye of my audience.