SPRX Tax Automation

The SPRX company logo

This project’s purpose was to create a promotional video for a new tax company called SPRX (pronounced “Sparks”).

Tax experts in the company have been creating new A.I. that is reimagining tax automation to create an improved process that is simple, fast and affordable. They asked me to create a promotional video that would spread awareness of their company and create more engagement with their clients.

Final Product:

SPRX Promotional Video

Project Challenges:

The greatest challenge that I faced was working with a start-up company instead of one that is more established. For example, while I was working on the script for my video, I had to revise the core messages many times. The company was continually experimenting with different slogans and catchphrases and would often ask me to make adjustments to the video.

Another challenge I faced was creating visuals and designs that would be agreeable to my target audience. I have more experience working with millennials or young adults so I had to adjust my focus and work outside of my comfort zone to match the preferences of older males and tax experts.

Project Process:

SPRX does not have a marketing team created yet so I helped them build a strong foundation before starting my video. I spent the first few weeks of this semester discussing color codes, the company’s tone and target personas. I committed substantial time to this because I knew it would be extremely beneficial for the company’s future to have these decisions in place.

It took us some time to lock in the company’s target personas. The software SPRX created is broad so it was difficult to decide the exact audience it should be promoted to. We eventually decided on the top 3 target audiences are taxpayers, tax consultants, and CPAs (certified public accountants).

After realizing the amount of help they needed in the marketing department, I helped review some of their materials including brochures, newsletters, and LinkedIn posts. I continued offering them advice on social media posts while I edited the video.


Color Pallete:

Experiences/ Take-Aways

One of the hardest parts of being a designer or content creator is learning how to balance a variety of opinions, visions, and expectations. It is wise to limit the amount of people who view your project during the editing stages. There needs to be a compromise between the designer’s technical knowledge and the employer’s vision.

The last few months have also taught me that it is crucial to set a schedule for yourself at the beginning of a new project. Plan checkpoints along the project’s timeline and keep yourself accountable. This will minimize stress and ensure the work is completed on time.