Dylan Dueker: Dueker Sports Podcast

Project Introduction

Dueker Sports is a brand I’ve been managing for nearly eight years. It started out as just a Facebook page. Over the years I have added a website that includes a blog and videos, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, a podcast, and I created an Instagram account this semester. My posting has been pretty sporadic on each of these channels. I’d have months in a row where I posted regularly and then I would have many months of zero activity. I’ve wanted to focus on producing consistent, high-quality content, so this semester I decided to do just that with my senior project. I was consistent on each of the platforms, but my podcast was a primary focus.

Hours/Content Produced

At the time of this writing, I have published 16 hours, 44 minutes, and 15 seconds of for my podcast this semester. I also recorded our podcasts in video format and uploaded that exact amount of video to YouTube. I have also published 36 Facebook posts, 26 Tweets, 17 podcast episodes, 17 YouTube videos, and 15 Instagram posts.

Cohosts/Guest hosts

Christian Lunday is my permanent cohost. He is featured in nearly every episode we do.

Thomas Janick is a sports analyst/producer I worked with in Missouri at ESPN The Jock.

I have also contacted other individuals to possibly be my guest hosts in the future.


I created a website using the Wix.com website builder years ago. This semester I edited the website and added a page for videos as well. I was fully responsible for all work done on the website. This website also features my blog post. I didn’t write any blog posts this semester though because I was focused on the podcast, videos, and social media content.

Logo Change

I hired Liane Johl to help me create a new logo design. Between the two of us, we came up with 19 new designs. We agreed upon a subtle edit to my current one as being the best new design.

Total Hours

  • 23 hours 30 minutes-podcasts/YouTube videos published and editing time.
  • 17 hours 30 minutes of researching for episodes
  • 9 hours 48 minutes posting to social channels
  • 3 hours 3 minutes website update and uploading videos
  • 2 hours 51 minutes-Logo designs/change
  • 54 minutes-blog post

= 57 hours 35 minutes

QR Code for Linktree

You can find all of the work I have done this semester on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my website.

Project Summary

For my senior project, I have created a Podcast for my personal brand: Dueker Sports. My goal is to share with you my passion and excitement for the NFL while keeping you up to date on all the latest news through in-depth analysis.

My content pillars include NFL Teams and Players, NFL Awards and Statistics, and NFL Games. A few examples of content include draft recap, free agency additions, injuries, power rankings, NFL awards predictions, NFL awards review, playoff previews, games of the week, and game recaps. We created a few original ideas including a debate segment called “Dueking it Out” and “Would You Rather-NFL Edition.” I created a minimum of 1-2 episodes per week, encompassing all of the exciting news and stories around the NFL. In addition to my podcast, I was also active on several different social media platforms as well. I published more than 16 hours of content to my podcast and I spent more than 35 hours doing research for the show, editing the content, and publishing social media posts. I also created a new logo with the help of someone I hired and created an Instagram account for the show.

Project and blog post created by: Dylan Dueker

Comm Emphasis: Digital and Social Media