How to Have Hard Conversations at Work by Bekah Jarnagin

Project Purpose & Objectives My idea for this project came from a class last semester in which we talked about the necessity of having hard conversations and how many young people have not developed this skill. I felt I also had not developed this skill as thoroughly as I could have, so I decided toContinue reading “How to Have Hard Conversations at Work by Bekah Jarnagin”

Artist Marketing Management by Simon Elam

Objectives This Winter semester 2023, I wanted to get real-life experience in the communication field by running marketing and brand image for some of my artist friends, starting off with Natalie Dixon. This would include helping artists develop and execute strategies to grow their audiences, promote their artistic brand, obtain more creative opportunities, and eventuallyContinue reading “Artist Marketing Management by Simon Elam”

Natelie Fonnesbeck – Rexburg Free Clinic Gala Event Management

Project Overview For my Senior Project, I worked with the Rexburg Free Clinic to manage their Winter Gala. The purpose of this event was to bring the community together under one cause. We wanted to celebrate the big and small businesses in the area while also raising money for the clinic. While I did aContinue reading “Natelie Fonnesbeck – Rexburg Free Clinic Gala Event Management”

Trending on socials – Katie Young – Comm297R

For my project I wanted to learn and better understand how social media algorithms work, and how posting goes hand-in-hand with algorithms and social media account engagement. I first updated my socials to have accurate, descriptions and information. I also did research to understand ideal engagement, and posting times to learn how social media works differentlyContinue reading “Trending on socials – Katie Young – Comm297R”

Jackson Allen- LHM & Co. Social Media Content Creation

Public Relations Emphasis When I started to look for a company to work with for my senior project, I knew I wanted to find one where I could make a difference. I didn’t want my project just to be pushed under the rug when all was said and done- instead, I wanted my work toContinue reading “Jackson Allen- LHM & Co. Social Media Content Creation”

Graciela Martinez | The Emotionally Driven Podcast & Social Media Campaign

Digital and Social Media Emphasis Project In this project, I created the beginning of my Emotionally Driven Podcast. Many professional podcasts usually create a couple of episodes before they officially start streaming. I wanted to do the same, so the idea was to create 3 full episodes, and the social media posts and blogposts thatContinue reading “Graciela Martinez | The Emotionally Driven Podcast & Social Media Campaign”

Phillip Everett Willis –

The Inspiration: was inspired by my mother. I was five years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The horror of my family’s situation only compounded as a pipe burst in the cold Alaska winter and my house flooded. My father’s job kept him away from the house for up to twelve hoursContinue reading “Phillip Everett Willis –”

Katie Hulse – Katie Lea Creative Etsy Shop

Emphasis: Visual Hi there! My name is Katie Hulse. I am a senior at BYU-Idaho and I will be graduating this semester (Winter 2023) with a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication with a module in advertising. For my senior project, I decided to launch a passion project I’ve been dreaming about for two years–an Etsy shopContinue reading “Katie Hulse – Katie Lea Creative Etsy Shop”