A Children’s Book for my Niece.

Name: Marcia Davis, Online student, Winter 2023

Comm Emphasis: Visual Media

Video Link:

Project Summary:

My project is about two very important things to me, my passion and my family. I have an older sister, Sarah who is married and a mother of 4 wonderful kids. It brings me so much joy being the fun, loving aunt that’s always drawing random things for the kids to color when they ask. Due to my hearing disability, I grew up very reliant on my eyes and observing things around me to the finest detail. From a young age this has made me very artistic. I want to be a children’s book illustrator and having adorable nieces and nephews has inspired me to make them their very own books about their family. I want to do this professionally someday for other families where I make the characters look like them.

My work:

The project itself is a fictional book about my youngest niece at the zoo, titled “Bonnie Gene’s Baby Giraffe. ” It has 16 pages including the cover and it all started out with sketching…

From visualizing, to sketching, to refining, to coloring, to writing, and to perfecting, each page took me 3 hours to complete every Saturday of this semester. Every stroke was a trial and error process and I had to really study animals online too for every zoo animal I drew.

So 16 pages x 3 hours = 48 hours and then it took me an additional two hours to take clear photos of each page and create the layout on Shutterfly to be printed. So my book took me a solid 50 hours and I am proud to say it was worth it! My sister’s family, whom the book is about, was so happy to see the final results as well a their pictures on the back.

I feel great about my accomplishment and I am excited to make more books in my future. This project was a great practice to add recent work to my portfolio!