Abrianna Rice

Type of project

Suicide Bereavement support groups
(Suviours of those that have lost others)

What did my project consist of:

I then had the opportunity to set up a Bereavement support group. For others being able to be there for each other.

I made some fliers:

I spent many hours preparing for the meeting itself and making sure everything is ready for these people that I have already come to love and care for. I have found that there is a correlation in preparation you start to fall in love with those you are serving. Some things hiccup I have run into was getting a room. There was not a place I could go for a while. I then told BYUI what it was and why I was doing it they approved the reason and I was able to get into the Manwaring Center here at BYUI. In this process of asking other Bussiness around I got to see what costs were going to take. I got to see that side of things.

As you can see on this flyer it says Tuesday, March 15 is Wednesday, March 15th it is so important to triple-check. Sadly I have to text everyone and tell them the right date. Luckily I was able to correct my error before anyone showed up.

I learned that following up is crucial. Others get busy and if you don’t remind them then you get to the bottom of the list. I was pushy in a good way I hope to get the room.

The group meeting was a success. Though not what I expected. There were only three people there. We talked about how we can overcome hard feelings. We also talked about how to stay positive among other things.