Abrianna Rice

The Family Proclamation to the World” Skyline Research

For this project I spent 85 hours doing the following:

  • Designing Questionnaire
  • Conducting personal interviews
  • Taking a photograph of the interviewees

What Questions Asked:

In the interviews of others there were 5 questions I would ask others:
– What is something that stands out about the proclamation?
– Is this document dead or alive?
– What are you doing to fight for this document?
– “Our view towards the family will be a test of times.” -Dallin H. Oaks What do you think he is referring to there?

Invitations to my next event:


I have learned that when you are wanting to interview people they take time. I was very impressed with how much time each one took. When people are asked to talk they talk. People like you ask questions about themselves in safe environments. Once they feel safe they will keep talking. This was really cool to witness and see. I have loved learning how to listen to others and only answer with a question.

I learned that in order to interview others for the purpose of another source you have to get a contract signed up. This is something that took a lot of time. I had to learn this process.

What Did I Not Expect?

I didn’t expect to have such a hard time with microphones. We had to order three different now and only one arrived and the other two never came. We ended up using a microphone on a headphone set. Another issue was finding people to say yes to the interview. Many said yes few committed.

In Conclusion

I loved what I did! I love getting people’s stories of why they are committed to the work that they do. getting questions answered like why do they love this document? The Family Proclamation is everything to me and to see why others love or struggle with this.