Sydney Brustad – Full Circle Travel Agency

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Project Summary

Full Circle Travel Agency is a full service travel agency based in northern Utah, but has over 20 agents nationwide. My project consisted of multiple things (listed on the image below).

My goal was for the agency to grow on social media and on the branding side in a short amount of time. The agency has been stagnant in those two aspects and needed a refresh. I wanted to track my progress primarily by how well my Facebook/Instagram ads did as well as how many new clients Full Circle Travel can gain.

Email Campaigns

Analytics & Outcomes

The social media ads and new clients were the ways that I wanted to measure my progress. My goal for new clients was 10 and so far we’re at 8 and counting! Below are the analytics for the 2 social media ads. The cruise ad did slightly better than the honeymoon ad. I was happy to see these kinds of results after running these ads for 3 days.

$26.16 was spent on both ads combined

Since so much time was spent on the website which increased the SEO, a majority of the new clients came from Google rather than the ads. They were looking for travel agencies and Full Circle Travel was either in the 1st or 2nd spot depending on their specific search.

Next time when I run ads, I would not do 2 at the same time. I do think I would’ve gotten more success and leads if I broke up the time when the ads were up. I also think that as I continue to further help Full Circle Travel on their website and marketing, that the SEO will continue to increase which will bring in more clients.

Time Spent

I spent 70 hours on my project. About half of those hours were spent working on the website. There was quite a bit that needed to be done and since I haven’t used Wix before, I spent time on YouTube and Google figuring out answers to my questions. The rest of my time was spent making social media content, ads, emails campaigns, and the brand kit.