US Supreme Court building in Washington DC.

A great deal of time and work goes into civil litigation. The purpose of my project is to assist the attorneys at my office in being fully prepared to present facts and evidence so that we can prevail in a case we are taking to trial on May 15, 2023.

The litigation process includes much more than the trial itself. There is allotted time for discovery, motions, oppositions, replies, and related court hearings and case management conferences that take months, even years, to complete.

The tasks I have completed thus far include corresponding with the client and lien holders, creating an extensive task list and assigning due dates, obtaining an expert witness, posting jury fees, and purchasing office supplies. Gathering pertinent documents into one central location and organizing them into notebooks to meet the requirements of the court and the needs of our attorneys and witnesses became the measurable part of this trial-prep project. The notebooks pictured below represent my work to-date:

My project will continue for the next month. Other than being held back by the time constraints of the attorneys working this case, I have encountered no real challenges with this project.

The process has provided an incredible learning opportunity as I attended a civil litigation training session with some of our attorneys, got hours of hands-on experience, and have sharpened my paralegal skills to be an even greater asset to my firm.

My Trial Prep Experience