Natelie Fonnesbeck – Rexburg Free Clinic Gala Event Management

Project Overview

For my Senior Project, I worked with the Rexburg Free Clinic to manage their Winter Gala. The purpose of this event was to bring the community together under one cause. We wanted to celebrate the big and small businesses in the area while also raising money for the clinic. While I did a variety of tasks, my main focus was promoting the event on social media and creating graphic elements. I loved working with the clinic and the donators to make physical representations of their work and donations.

Graphics for the Gala

The theme for the event was the 1920s. Before beginning any designs, I wanted to be sure that we had an element that carried through all the designs to the final product. After narrowing down the color scheme with the other event coordinators, I decided that color would be the element that carried through. Those colors were dark green, gold, blue, and cream.

In exception to the first design, I created everything you see below. The first design was originally created by Hailey Hamm, the main event manager, and I edited it for Instagram. The first design was the main promotional poster for the event. The second design was the welcome poster for the event. The third design was the bathroom sign we used for the event. The fourth and fifth designs were the VIP invitations and tickets that we gave to the top donors and board members of the clinic. The sixth design was a pamphlet I created to thank all the sponsors and volunteers for the event. The last three designs have a front and back.

Image gallery image

Graphics for Sponsors

Many of the donations we received were from small businesses in the community. This meant that they did not have a lot of promotional materials. I got to personally work with some of these small businesses to design the necessary elements so they could be promoted effectively at the Gala and have these designs for future use.

I worked with Kylie, the owner of Collective Curl, to create this coupon for a free haircut and style.

I worked with Skinfinity Solutions over Instagram to create this 50$ gift card that they donated to the event.

I worked with Emma Cramer, owner of Teaching Blooms, to create a logo for her business.

After creating the logo, I continued working with Emma to create a coupon for a free floral class that she donated to the event.

Social Media Posts

Some designs that I created were also used as promotional material for social media. Below I have linked a variety of social media posts that I made dedicated to the event and some donators. On top of these social media posts, I also posted about the event on the Rexburg Free Clinic’s Instagram story every other day. Sadly, these posts are posted for a limited time and are not available now.

Time Spent

Other Materials