I contacted my client Chase Madder early on about his business and how to potentially find more clients and grow a following on social media. As a digital and social media professional I know tips and strategies that can help his brand grow.

We discussed the terms of our agreement and how I would volunteer my work for this specific project. I created a timeline for his business and how I would create and post content on the business page. The plan is to post 2-3 times a week short video form and static posts with captions and hashtags not including stories on Instagram and Facebook. 

I will also focus on creating reels for his instagram account since it has been proven to reach the most people and put your content out there to be discovered. 

The owner was looking for a little bit of rebranding, which I and his wife work on a new logo for the company which will be displayed below. We did a few updates to the logo and tried different colors, fonts and ended up with this after brainstorming a lot. The owner was happy with it since he will use for future stickers, shirts and hats. 

So far it has been a growing experience to work with a client outside my comfort zone. I enjoy creating content for them and look forward to see results in the next weeks. He had pictures already taken in the past but unused and I also went out to get some content myself, some examples of the content bellow. 

We set up a time to take pictures and videos of him painting a few cabinets and walls for the instagram, my process time I put the videos together on instagram and search for applicable sounds that are going to look on his page. 

The last few weeks have been very productive for Madd Painting. The Social Media page keeps actively growing from the moment I started posting consistently. The account was at 0 when I started and has grown to 35 followers. I have posted 9 times in the past two weeks not counting stories. I am posting 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am trying different posting times to determine which can be more effective.

I have been able to go with Chase (CEO) to a job site and witness the preparation process for some of these projects and it has been incredible to learn from them and to try and portray the work on his social media. Some of the before and after.

Reels can reach a lot of users on the app, but static posts can show us a more accurate count of our engagement rate. Our engagement rate is 40% in our static posts which is incredible. Instagram says a good engagement rate is between 1-3%. 

My client Chase Madder has been satisfied with the work so far with the growing social media. We had a meeting this week to discuss upcoming post ideas and where he sees the company going and how I am going to be of help for the next few important steps. 

This meeting consisted on talking about future Reel ideas we want to implement for the account as well as more quality images unto the instagram page. We set times to post every week on Monday at 2pm, Wednesdays at 4pm and Fridays at 12pm. This way we are going to track which times are performing the best by reaching more people in the Rexburg, Idaho Falls area. 

Besides the meeting I continued posting what we had scheduled for this week. There has been an increase in Followers since the beginning of the semester and now we have 42. Engagement Rate is 2% which could be better and that is what we will work in the next couple of weeks to bring that up.

For the next couple of weeks we are going to implement the new ideas discussed in the meeting which included feature the owner in some of the videos, add trending sounds to the videos, plan posts in advance and post on the stories as well.

The past few weeks have been very successful for the brand. Madd painting is growing in social media and we love to see it. The videos (Reels) continue to grow views and reach to all followers and audience on Instagram. Simultaneously Facebook is also doing good when it comes to reaching new customers.

Taking video content has helped the brand grow on social media since videos and reels are rapidly growing in popularity on instagram. Here is a sneak of our content and how it is doing. 

As you can see the most views we have gotten is 12k which is pretty good for a new account. Posting consistently and applying good engagement strategies will help us get more people to watch our videos and stay in the account wanting more content for us. 

Once we found our audience which is married couple or adults between 35-50 years old with a steady job, and also other people that work in the industry. We can create content that they would enjoy and they would want to engage with our account. 

Chase Madder the CEO, he is a great guy that looks forward to make people’s home look the way they wish and dream of. He loves servicing people and this is one of the ways he found to do it. 

Big things are waiting for Madd Painting.

I have learned a lot from this project. Consistency can make a difference in social media and quality vs quality is also important. Not because we are posting a lot means we are doing great, but can mean less posts but an amazing well thought out post can make the difference.

Every business needs a social media presence. Depending on how their audience is that is how we (social media managers) determine the strategy. I developed a strategy that fit MADD painting and I was pleased to see it grow. I hope to continue working with the brand.

Project description